Casper by Kerri Ann

New Release Casper Crown on a motorcycle is fearless. He’s the man everyone wants to be. Every woman wants to say they’ve had him and most have. I swore I wouldn’t let it happen to me. I wouldn’t fall prey to his dangerous charisma, but standing at his race tent my resolve is waning. It’llContinue reading “Casper by Kerri Ann”

Big Bad Wolf by Stephanie Nichole

New Release Mysterious disappearances are plaguing the small, hidden town of Mystic Hollow. The locals toss it up to being becoming tired of small town living but Lakeyn’s family thinks differently. Lakeyn’s father is moving her along with her older sister, Loxley back to his hometown of Mystic Hollow. The small town charm draws LakyenContinue reading “Big Bad Wolf by Stephanie Nichole”

Duke’s Chance by Stephanie Nichole

Cover Reveal and New Preorder Duke Parrish and Penelope Wallace were never meant to be. She is his best friend’s little sister, she’s forbidden. She’s a wild child that yearns for freedom. Together they might take a chance and make something great. If things go badly though…it could leave behind a greedy, cold-hearted Duke andContinue reading “Duke’s Chance by Stephanie Nichole”

Deep in her Marrow by Nikki Mays

New Preorder Release Buy Link: Cadie lived in hell because of an abusive ex. She managed to escape, but is a shell of her former self. No matter how hard she tries, she can’t seem to get back to the woman she once was. Even if working at a tattoo shop filled with bigContinue reading “Deep in her Marrow by Nikki Mays”

Resurrecting His Soul by B. M. Griffin

New Preorder Release Their meeting wasn’t planned. A night of debauchery and blood stopped in its tracks the moment they met. A connection so deep and strong that it has the power to breathe life into a dying soul or destroy everything, leaving nothing but shattered hearts and death in its wake. Meeting Lisandra wasContinue reading “Resurrecting His Soul by B. M. Griffin”

Mistress Domination: Doomed to Dumbnation by Shawn Hunter

New Preorder Release Be careful what you wish for. Once, Kate believed herself to be the only super powered pervert on the block. Then her friend discovered an ability of her own and things were great. Two kinky superheroines running the streets, what could be better? Except that there is a third. A twisted mindContinue reading “Mistress Domination: Doomed to Dumbnation by Shawn Hunter”


Deadlocked by Lorelai Watson Rowan Davies has never liked Grayson Cole. He’s arrogant, cocky, and was her fiercest competitor in law school. The only thing Grayson has is common with Rowan is their best friend Seth — until Seth tragically dies in a car accident. Pushed together by their grief, Rowan and Grayson embark onContinue reading “**99 CENTS FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY**”


Trapped in a Castle by Katie Holland A Slightly Strange Romance Eve woke up to her worst nightmare, she seemed to be in a castle and had no knowledge of how she got there. After realizing where she was she tried desperately to find a way out. After weeks of searching she gave up andContinue reading “**99 CENTS FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY**”


Just One Taste by McKenzie Stark Kaiden Sloane is the most well known CEO of Austen Enterprises. A highly successful and undeniably sexy billionaire that has everything that he could possibly ask for, except one thing. Her. This billionaire bad boy is far more excited to give a women the orgasm of a lifetime, shatteringContinue reading “**99 CENTS FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY**”


Mermaid’s Kiss by Katie Holland Kayleigh is starting a new life as the shy college freshman on an athletic scholarship.Tired of being the ‘good little virgin girl,’ Kayleigh wants to explore more than just books in college. Major is just your typical rich kid who’s used to getting what he wants. Always looking for hisContinue reading “**99 CENTS FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY**”