The Ethics of Silence by C.J. Nash

99 cents for a limited time only!!! A murder has occurred on Mars and Earth has sent an agent to immediately investigate. Immediately is a relative term since the trip from Earth to Mars takes a minimum of eight and a half months. By the time Mason Turner arrives on Mars, most of the evidenceContinue reading “The Ethics of Silence by C.J. Nash”

Merged Magic by Karen DuBose

New Preorder Release Skye is at her wit’s end. After years of searching, she finally found her father, Gwydion, but not before Drik was blasted from the magic his father, Zaryn, laid out. He’s out cold and she has no idea if he will wake up. Skye is only one person. All she ever wantedContinue reading “Merged Magic by Karen DuBose”

Magnolia Sunrise by Stephanie Thompson

New Preorder Release Jason Thompson and Annabelle Bryant have been inseparable since childhood. It only made sense for them to fall in love and plan a future together. When Jason’s dreams of being a country music singer come closer to reality, their relationship will be tested. Can they survive his new life, or will theContinue reading “Magnolia Sunrise by Stephanie Thompson”

Guilt by D. S. Tossell

New Preorder Release Jared and Laynie have been together for years. When Jared gets a great job opportunity in New York he uproots his and Laynie’s lives and moves out there. Laynie immediately notices a change in Jared’s personality. He becomes emotionally and physically abusive towards her. One night after a break-in goes wrong JaredContinue reading “Guilt by D. S. Tossell”

Disturbing Secrets by Jennifer A. Brown

New Preorder Release When it comes to chilling stories, not everyone wants their chapters read out loud. Jacob Barnes has a lot on his plate. Not only has he been left with the task of searching for his alleged son’s missing mother, but he also gets roped into filling in for his sister Jocelyn’s murderContinue reading “Disturbing Secrets by Jennifer A. Brown”

Fast Lane By Stephanie Nichole

New Preorder Release Kosi Scott has always had all the answers. She picks a path and stays on it but when everything in her life goes flying off course she’s left floundering in the world. Now, it seems her career driven attitude actually cost her what she wants most. In a desperate attempt she takesContinue reading “Fast Lane By Stephanie Nichole”

In Solace and Solitude by McKenzie Stark

New Preorder Release In Solace and Solitude is the continuation of an embarking poetry book that dives into the world of love, heartbreak, depression, self-love, grief, and inner strength. While showcasing emotions sketched in pose and rhyme; even a twist of fantasy, and words that we all leave unspoken. The words between the lines wereContinue reading “In Solace and Solitude by McKenzie Stark”

Missed Calls by Zachary Ryan

New Preorder Release I’ll be here to save you from the darkness because we’re forever family. Growing up has never been easy, and it can be especially hard for friendships. Cheyenne and Vanessa have always been in each other’s lives, but that doesn’t mean they’ve always seen eye to eye. Both of them are atContinue reading “Missed Calls by Zachary Ryan”

Take Your Heart by Kalila Black

New Release^ The for Better or Worse Series book 1 Sixteen-year-old Grayson Desrosiers has never really given much thought to ‘happy ever after’. He always assumed that would come later in life. But when he meets Annalise Evans, a tourist visiting his small hometown, he can’t help but want more than just one day withContinue reading “Take Your Heart by Kalila Black”

Christmas in Black Rock by Luna James

NEW PREORDER When a tall, handsome man named Sebastian Vaughn moves to Black Rock, Virginia, no one would’ve believed what his true motive was for moving to the small coal-mining town. Victoria Lane meets Sebastian one night at Rick’s Bar & Grill and becomes intrigued. She’s instantly drawn to him like a moth to aContinue reading “Christmas in Black Rock by Luna James”