Don’t Belong Here by Jessica Wettig Hendrix

New ReleaseI At sixteen, Brie Darnet was always considered the good girl.With temptation around every corner, she has managed to hold tightly to her morals even in high school. Life was perfect until…it wasn’t anymore. When tragedy struck, Brie lost her older sister and was struck with grief. Brie suddenly finds herself the target ofContinue reading “Don’t Belong Here by Jessica Wettig Hendrix”

Runaway by Michelle Areaux

New Preorder Release!!! Do you trust me?Those four, simple words completely changed my life.And forced me to place my safety in his hands. Jackson Cole. The gorgeous, popular, and deceitful boy who charms his way through our New York City prep school.Oh, and he’s also my now ex-best friend.At some point, we drifted apart andContinue reading “Runaway by Michelle Areaux”