World of Nightmares


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When you live in a world of what nightmares are made of, you wonder to yourself; could there be more?

Being the king is no easy task. Ask Jax, he will tell you all about it. He is after all, the Pumpkin King of Halloweenville who loves to scare people.

Lately, Jax has been getting bored wondering if there is more to the world he lives in. He used to enjoy scaring everyone. Now though, it feels more like a job than actually having fun.

Little does he know, there is a much bigger world out there than the world of nightmares. One he will never forget anytime soon. Stepping into Shady Oaks has changed him forever. Something he never thought would ever happen.

Let’s not forget Boogie. He is mean and powerful. Always trying to find ways to make Jax suffer for something he never did. That is, until things take a turn for the worse. Being a king doesn’t always make you invisible.

With everything going on, Jax’s heart was stolen by Shayla. The one person Jax is scared to be around for too long. He doesn’t want to scare her away. Showing his feelings is not something he is used to, and he doesn’t want them to shine through causing her to run from him.

Things change too fast for Jax, and to make things worse, he can’t protect the one person he loves more than life itself. With some powerful help from Shady Oaks, it may be the only way to save his world from the darkness that is slowly taking over. That is, until the darkness finds its way to Shady Oaks.


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