Twisted Vengeance


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The Barnes have seen tragedy, but nothing can prepare them for what’s ahead. When a car crash claims the lives of their parents, Jacob Barnes is left with the responsibility of raising his younger brother and sister. Thirteen years later, as he is running for mayor of Springwood, Ohio and his sister Jocelyn is due to have her first novel published, their brother Justin is being released from prison—for assaulting his sister’s alleged rapist.


As Jacob’s campaign goes on, it becomes apparent someone wants to sabotage it. When his campaign site is hacked all eyes are on it, as his sister appears via web cam, seeming to become an entire different person before everyone’s eyes. The world is introduced to Tammy, her alter-personality.


When Jocelyn is later found in Mercy Park, with the body of Davis Cauley a former local newscaster, she is ordered into the psych wing at Springwood Memorial. After Jacob is voted in as mayor, he gets her released into his custody as another dead body is found in Mercy Park.


Between the backlash of discovering his sister’s mental disorder, and trying to get the city back on track Jacob has his hands full. Everything comes to a frightening climax when he receives a threatening text. He is to hand over a ton of money to the former mayor’s step-family, which was connected to the mob—or risk losing his brother.


There is never a dull moment in Springwood, thanks to the mob family that used to secretly run it, and now due to Tammy’s entrance onto the scene. Do you dare join the Barnes on this journey as they discover what else Tammy has in store for them?


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