True Lies




Karter Healey “Masella” has known since he was a kid that he wanted to be a detective, but he never imagined how hard that road would be. He’s one of the best undercover agents on the force, but he’s still not respected. If he can take down the Dom Roselli, the leader of the Roselli mob, then he’ll get the respect he deserves.

Genevieve Roselli may love her family, but she hates what they stand for and what they do. Once she was old enough to understand the ‘family business,’ she wanted nothing to do with it. She let to create a new life, but the unsolved murder of her brother, Leo, brings her home and right into the midst of the family business.

When Karter shows up as her new bodyguard, will they be able to deny their feelings or will Karter come clean about who he really is? Will Genevieve choose Karter or the family business?


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