The Awakening




Nynx is a vampire. For that much is true. She doesn’t turn into ash in the sun, nor does she get hurt by crosses or holy water. She can order a pack of wolves to attack because she is feared. She is unbelievably fast, unseen by the human eye. There was a time when she used to swear to herself that she would never feed upon human flesh, she would’ve only fed on that of animals. Animal blood kept her sane, but not fully satisfied. But that all changed. Nynx no longer cares about the lives of humans, nor will she lie about her actions.

Over the last couple of years, she’s gone by many names, having once gone by the name of Katherine Incendia, a freshly new vampire having grown up in the Artemis, but oh no, that has changed and she is dead. She rather likes herself better like this don’t you? Switching the off switch of her humanity has been the light of her existence.

Or has it?

The Artemis is back and that’s not the only thing she has to worry about now. She must stop their dastardly deeds before it’s too late.

Will she continue her careless actions or will the past come back to bite her in the ass?

Nynx, a demon hexed vampire, will get her revenge on those that took Alexander Advice from this world and she will ravish in the blood of her victims.


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