In the Town Time Forgot Book 3, Terminus, the tragic tale comes full circle as Agent Devon McKenzie and Detective Christopher Gates find themselves back to the beginning, back to where it all began. Terminus means the end, it infers an event has reached its conclusion and it certainly seems that way once they return to New York City with notorious criminal, Gregor Esteban, in tow and ready to begin the life together they’d but dreamed of. But dreams are seldom as they seem and theirs is no exception as a new evil threatens to destroy them in ways neither imagined before to such extent not only their lives are in compromise but those they care about as well.


Can they defeat the demon from their past or will it devour them piece by piece generation by generation until nothing remains? Does love ever die? Or does it go on infinitely in the stars, in the lights of the aurora borealis, or in the beating heart of a man or a woman?


There is no end for love, not really. With the last breath, if flies like the wind through the trees and shines in the sun’s rays. It flows through the water of the rivers and is reborn in the cry of a newborn baby. It is infinite, timeless, and forever.


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