Follow the story of Shay Montgomery, a field nurse from central Kentucky, who finds herself in the heart of the battle for Justice and uncovers conspiracies that stretch all the way to the White House. It’s an age old story of good versus evil and wrong versus right. The challenge, however, is that things are seldom as they seem. And what do you do when no one is really interested in the truth? What if you aren’t sure who is evil and who’s not? What do you do then?


On a cold night in April 1865, the steamboat, Sultana, exploded in the engorged Mississippi River carrying over two thousand Union soldiers who survived the infamous Andersonville prison. There were more casualties that night than the ill-fated Titanic. Yet, little is known about the details of her sinking. Some say it was a defective boiler and others suggest it was a coal torpedo planted by a group of Confederate sympathizers.


In addition to the nineteen hundred soldiers aboard the Sultana, there were several women with the Christian Commission and other civilians; many of whom perished. No one was ever held accountable for their deaths. Instead, the event was overshadowed by the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln, who himself may have had an unknowing hand in the unfolding of the tragedy.


Although based on actual events, the story is a work of fiction and any similarities to actual persons, living or dead, is merely coincidental.


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