Stuck with You


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Anyone with a working brain would feel that way after finding her fiance in bed with her best friend. The only issue with her plan is the pain in the butt, grunting and grumpy cop that she has the misfortune of running into. But as long as she can avoid Darrin James, her life is damn near close to perfect. Darrin has decided that he no longer wants a woman for longer than one night. All he needs in life is his job, friends and the gym. Women are a complication that he just doesn’t need.

Now if his body would stop reacting to the pain in the ass nurse in scrubs that mold to her shapely bottom…that’d be great. He has no use for the little shrew who spits venom at him with her words and looks. But what happens when two people who butt heads nonstop get stuck together for two weeks?


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