Slap Shot


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Rhys Owens is the player to beat when it comes to the ice. He has everything at the tip of his fingers until an injury takes him out for a good portion of the season. After surgery, he has to make a comeback to reignite his career. Now he is more determined than ever to prove himself while trying to escape the stigma of his past.

Adair Warren wants to be a hardcore political journalist yet she’s stuck editing and fact-checking at a sports magazine. She feels lucky to have a job but two things make the job dreadful. Adair doesn’t like sports and she despises jocks even more. When the assignment of a lifetime happens it could lead to her dream job but first, she has people to impress everyone with articles about Rhys’ comeback story.

With these two skating on thin ice can they both prove themselves and find love or will it all melt?


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