Mysterious disappearances are plaguing the small, hidden town of Shady Oaks. The locals toss it up to being becoming tired of small town living but Livienne’s family thinks differently.

Livienne’s father is moving her along with her older sister, Loxley back to his hometown of Shady Oaks. The small town charm draws Livienne in but she’s not easily accepted with rumors of her grandmother circling around the town. Most people avoid Livienne and her family and pass around whispered warning of witchcraft. However, one afternoon could change everything for Livienne when she meets Sylar by chance at the local library but Sylar could complicate things with her family and the secrets that surround them.

Sylar, the skater boy, who has always been a bit of an outcast, is drawn to Livienne from the moment he sees her fiery red hair and emerald green eyes but getting her to open up proves to be difficult while he’s trying to keep his own secrets hidden.

Will Livienne and Sylar be able to keep their secrets while forging an undeniable bond? Or will the rumors and the answer to the mysterious disappearances rip them apart?


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