Need for Speed




Axell James is the oldest of the James brothers. He was forced to grow up after their mother passed away but luckily he always had one constant in his life, Sadie.

Sadie moved to town during their senior year of high school. She caught Axell’s attention immediately. Sadie somehow calmed the raging storm for Axell. However, her fear of losing him through racing causes them to be torn apart. After a couple of months Axell realizes the only thing he really needs in his life is Sadie so he walks away from racing.

Now, years later they are married and living their happily ever after until Sadie’s past comes back to haunt them. Axell has always had Sadie on pedestal, believing she is perfect but when the lies from her past catch up to them he’ll realize she is far from perfect.

As the truth comes out, Sadie must go back to South Carolina to take care of things. In her absence and in light of the lies surrounding Axell’s life he finds himself returning the race scene he left so many years ago. Tragedy will strike Axell and Sadie once again but will their love be able to survive?


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