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The war between the magic’s is more deadly than ever but with Arabella’s memories gone will she be able to beat Amadeus once and for all?

With Arabella’s memories lost Garrett will search throughout the history of magic to find a way to help her recover them. Garrett and the rest know just how vital her memories are to her magic but when one search leads him to an ancient magical and her secret allies will things become more complicated? Or will she be the answer to all of their problems?

Arabella is more than a little lost without her memories causing her to be more vulnerable than ever. Everyone treating her like she’s made of glass isn’t helping the anger burning inside of her. Will she be able to regain her memories in time for the epic battle between her and Amadeus? Or will she be destined to lose?

Battles will be won, lives will be lost and relationships tested. Who will survive?


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