Force of Impact


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One night over a decade ago Bowie James’ life changed forever. Flashing lights, cops, ambulances and three body bags left his world turned upside down and the love of his life, Hollis Foust, on the run. Throughout the years Bowie has wondered and even searched for Hollis without any success and just when he’s about to give up the last bit of hope he has, Hollis walks back into his life. Bowie’s brother, Ace, hired a new tattoo artist for his shop, Inkredible, only to find out that Holly Sullivan is actually Hollis Foust all grown up.

Hollis’ life has never been easy and the last ten years weren’t different. No matter where she was or who she was with it always came back to Bowie. His memories kept her going. In her wildest dreams she could have never prepared for the war of emotions that reuniting with Bowie causes.

Will they get a second chance or is there too much damage to move forward?


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