Finish Line


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Jovi James has always been different from his brothers but he still craved the speed of a car just like they did. Jovi makes the decision to join the Marines right before high school graduation. On his last night in town he bumps into Summer Beckham. That night changed them both forever.

Jovi returns from the Marines, tainted and surrounded by a cloud of darkness. He’s seen things no one should ever have to. Jovi tries hard to keep it all at bay but it becomes clear to everyone he has more issues than they expected.

Summer Beckham knows all about darkness, she’s suffered it herself. Meeting Jovi gave her the flicker of hope but after he cut ties with her, Summer had to figure out how to keep that hope for herself.

Jovi needs a ray of light to break through his darkness, Summer could be that for him, but will he let her?


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