Dream Catcher



My world was turned upside down the day I discovered that I was a Dream Wanderer. But, with this ‘gift’ of magic I was born with, there really isn’t anything else to describe me.

Well…Until Now.

Just when I thought I had life as a Dream Wanderer under control, the universe decided to throw another curve ball my way. Suddenly, I’m more than just a Dream Wanderer, now I am a Dream Catcher! With the help of my boyfriend, Cameron, Officer Chris, and of course my Aunt Evelyn, I am determined to use my new gift to help others.

But, now, I might need to use my gift to help myself– and my parents. After evidence was uncovered that sparked interest in their case, a new FBI agent is trailing me. Asking me to help her in a case I know nothing about, but desperately need to be part of.

As I delve into the dark world of Dream Catcher’s I uncover, witches, a twisted web of lies about my parents’ death, and a source of magic within myself– I find myself in a maze as I try to determine who to trust as I struggle to find an answer to the mystery of my parent’s death.


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