Chord Changes


Paperback Edition

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Presley Lowell has always been the good girl. After college, she took a risk and moved to California to follow her dreams of being a songwriter in Los Angeles. She has everything in life she has ever wanted: a perfect job and a fiancé named Knox who is a musician and the love of her life.

Thoven Peters feels trapped in the boy band world and wants to branch out and be taken serious as an artist. As the boy every girl dreams of, Thoven finds himself thrust in a world he doesn’t want.

When assigned to help a new boy band, Angelic Devils and their member, Thoven Peters, with song writing, sparks begin to fly. The attraction between Presley and Thoven is immediate. They both try to deny it because Presley would never cheat and she loves Knox with all her heart. Thoven isn’t the type of guy who goes after another guy’s girl, plus he respects Knox and Presley’s relationship. But those truths don’t make the feelings go away.

Just when Presley thinks she has everything she wants, tragedy strikes. Devastated, Presley leaves Los Angeles and Thoven. Will she be able to find herself again? Will Thoven move on from the girl he truly loves or will they just be another chord change in song of life.


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