Breaking the Limits


The James Brothers Series

Book Two

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Ace James loves three things in this world aside from his brothers, tattoos, cars, and music. He swore off love at a young age after losing his mom. He dates, he hooks up but nothing serious…ever. At least until Kynlee Adams shows up.

Kynlee craves the attention and spotlight. An all eyes on me type of girl. She just arrived back in Los Angeles after years of absence with a determination to become the next playmate. The minute her eyes land on Ace again, he’s the next thing on her checklist.

Soon both of them find themselves in uncharted territory as their relationship begins to bloom but it’s not without obstacles. A near-death experience, hidden secrets, and other people are determined to tear them apart. It will test their very foundation. Can they survive it all or will they crash and burn?


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