Breaking Bloody Mary


The Bloody Mary’s Curse Series

Book Two

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We’ve all heard about the legend of Bloody Mary but what if the legend wasn’t just a legend? What if Bloody Mary was real? What if she broke free from the mirror that bound her?

Olivette and Penn grew up with a love for urban legends. Monthly trips to Conjurer’s Apothecary with the creepy shop owner, Oski, helped their thirst for the supernatural. Olivette and Penn were best friends and while Olivette believed in the magic behind the legends, Penn tried to explain them.

Then one day Olivette makes a decision that will change everything. She changes herself to please her mother, leaving Penn and her love for urban legends behind until Bloody Mary is summoned and she manages to break free from the mirror that binds her.

The only person Olivette can turn to is Penn and Oski. It soon becomes a clear that Olivette has secrets of her own and she might be the very reason Bloody Mary is free now. Will they be able to stop Bloody Mary? Will it mean killing or trapping her? Who will survive?


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