Teenage Earth element witch, Leralynn, has been kidnapped by an evil witch named Glinda. Glinda believes that Leralynn has a special power that can help her get what she wants.

Teenage Spirit element warlock, Cade, has been at the academy where he’s been training to use his magic as a tracker to help find other witches and he just got his first assignment: Finding Leralynn and bring her back to Awakening Academy. However, finding Leralynn and bringing her back is only the beginning.

As Leralynn learns more about herself and her magic, with help from her new boyfriend Cade and her new best friend and roommate Tenil, she also learns secrets in her own life. As if being a teenage girl in a new school dealing with normal teenage issues isn’t enough, soon it becomes apparent that Leralynn is not as safe as everyone thinks and Leralynn will have to believe in herself and her powers in order to save herself and others in the academy and also the world.


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