Beyond the Stars


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Their grandfather’s farm has always been a magical place for eleven-year-old cousins, Liam and Samantha. Even before the wormhole in the woods transported them to the magical world of Nelliah where they encountered a variety of magical creatures with special powers, they’d known the farm and surrounding area was unlike any other place they’d ever been.

In book four, Beyond the Stars, they are propelled into the wormhole where their homemade spaceship composed of leftover lumber from Pap’s barn lands safely upon Io, one of Jupiter’s largest moons. Once there, they encounter a world where plastic is a thing of the past and nothing is wasted. On Io, there are no polluted oceans or overflowing landfills, everything is recycled and repurposed. That is until, a villain from a nearby planet whose surface is pocked by meteors, sabotages Io’s main recycling plant, hoping to claim the waste that will accumulate for his own home. The clock is ticking away as the cousins track down the thief and return the mirror to the townspeople, search frantically for Ailill’s cane, and decipher Gene’s cryptic code to determine where the wormhole will reopen and transport them safely home.

Will they once again find the mirror and walking stick that opens the channel between the worlds and find their way home? Or will they be forced to remain within the kind-hearted community of Io and claim the wise old man, Videre, as their own. The battle of good versus evil continues as the cousins race to find their way back to their grandfather’s home and into the arms of their family and friends in book four of the Place Where Magic Lives – Beyond the Stars.


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