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Annistyn Tarantino is used to doing everything on her own. There are two people that she knows she can rely on, her father and best friend, Talon. Her father’s failing health has her barely managing financially. Between nursing school, medical bill co-pays, and everyday life she’s struggling. Her only saving grace is the local drag racing scene. When she gets an inside invite to the most exclusive race, she knows she can’t refuse.

Barker Tobin moved to Los Angelos as the new president of the Sons of Sin MC. Taking on the unreputable Los Angelos chapter and reforming it into a respectable group has been no easy task. Knowing reputations have the tendency to be exaggerated helps him take a chance on the chapter. Barker’s own has him pegged as a ladies’ man and he’s fine with that because one heartbreak was enough.

Barker isn’t prepared for Annistyn and his cocky, undefeated attitude catches up to him. Losing the race is the last thing on his mind once he lays eyes on her but she has a secret. One that could completely tear them apart just as things get interesting.


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