Autumn Skies and Pumpkin Pies


The Blue Ridge Series

Book One

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Rocker Gordon had it all. The model girlfriend, an NFL career and more money than he knew what to do with until one wrong play cost him everything. He knew his career would eventually end but he didn’t expect it to be so soon. Now, he’s returning back to his hometown to coach the local high school football team. It was always part of his long term plan but back then someone else was a part of it too.

Warbee Carter never had the desire to leave her hometown. She wanted the small town simple life with her granny’s bakery. So when Rocker left after high school graduation she knew she had to let him go for good. It broke her heart but also left her determined to fulfill the rest of her dreams.

When Rocker and Warbee end up back on the same football field they said goodbye on years before, will they be able to find their love again or has it changed just like the sky in autumn?


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