Along with You


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Sixteen-year-old Blair has never had consistency in her life. After a traumatic event that Blair’s parents wanted to remain a secret, they began moving her around the country in hopes of starting a fresh, new life. Only, Blair never stays anywhere long enough to start that new life she keeps expecting. Choosing to rebel instead of conforming to her parents wishes, Blair opts for neon colored hair and a sassy streak that pushes people away before they can hurt her first.

Hunter is your typical southern, small town boy. He’s a good guy with a great heart and a passion for helping others. When Blair and Hunter meet, sparks begin to fly- but not the way either expected. As Blair struggles to keep her dark secret hidden, Hunter tries at all costs to win over Blair’s heart and her trust.

Complete opposites come together in this novel that challenges the rules of society and who we are allowed to fall in love with. Sometimes, it takes the wrong person to join along for the ride of your life.


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