All that Follows


The Quiet Sanctuary Series

Book One

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In a world where some people are born with abilities and some are made, Quiet Sanctuary houses what ordinary people believe are criminals, the insane, and those with extreme addictions. The truth is much more sinister.

Olivia only ever wanted the truth behind the unimaginable power she was born with. After going undercover to investigate the rumors surrounding Quiet Sanctuary, Olivia discovers new friends in unexpected places. What else she finds at Quiet Sanctuary, though, is much more than she ever bargained for.

When helping a friend brings strangers with unbelievable powers into her home, Alaina’s once peaceful existence is suddenly plunged into chaos. In her desperation to return to a normal life, she’ll charge headfirst down a path with devastating consequences.

Damien, a Sanctuary guard, lives his life in a self-inflicted exile, having abandoned everything and everyone he loved to protect them from the monster he was becoming. When a ghost from his past reappears in a startling way, he’ll begin to question everything he thought he knew.

After making a dangerous escape from enemies he wasn’t ready to face, Kasimir is more determined than ever to protect those he cares for. However, when the Sanctuary hunts them down and disaster strikes, they all must face the inconceivable truth that not everyone can be saved.


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