A Shot At Love


The Legacy Series

Book One

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Laney just found herself in the world of Falls Creek University and she is both terrified and thrilled. With her brother Elliott already attending college, she thought she could just coast on by. That is, until Mark, the hot basketball star on campus catches her attention. As someone who has always followed the rules and allowed logic to overrule love and lust; she finds that idea difficult once introduced to Mack. That is, until Laney is forced to become Mark’s tutor. Now, sparks are about to fly.

As the star basketball player for Falls Creek University, Mark finds Lacey intriguing as she is nothing like the girls he is used to chasing after him. With his good looks, hot moves on and off the court, and overall charm, he is stunned when she refuses his advances. Laney can’t deny the attraction between the pair. As their love mounts, so does the drama unfolding between a few crazy ex-girlfriends.

Will Laney be able to break her own rules and allow herself to fall for Mark? Find out in this first installment in the Legacy Series.


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