Cheap Guitars by Mara A. Miller

New Cover!!!

Elise Abernathy knew she made a mistake the moment she said I do to the wrong man. Yet, she did it anyway, willing to use any excuse possible to escape Bourbonsville. And maybe to get away from Brandon Justice, too.

She left with nothing more than her new husband, Brandon’s old guitar, and a promise to never set foot in her small Kentucky hometown ever again.

Now, devastation from her divorce nips at her heels in a dingy Bourbonsville motel. Worse, she’s too mortified to face any of her family or friends, unwilling to admit she is now home with little money and fewer career options.

Brandon tried everything he could to forget the woman who trampled his heart when she married another man. He has a heartbroken sister and his niece to look after, as well as a business to run. The last thing he expects is for Elise to burst into his neighbor’s house, demanding a first aid kit and the same crap attitude that caused their fight all those years ago.

But Elise is home, and that’s all that matters…If Brandon could get her to slow down long enough to have a civilized conversation with him.

How often do two people have to get it right?

Pedal to the Metal by Stephanie Nichole

New Cover!!!!Pedal to the Metal is a fast paced love story about overcoming heartache and learning how to fall in love again. The James Brothers series will follow a family of five brothers living in Los Angeles. The James brothers have a reputation of being the bad boys of the street racing world. Their world revolves around all things cars even owning a car shop. Pedal to the Metal follows the story of Jagger James.

Five years ago a tragic accident changed Jagger’s life forever. He ran from L.A. to Las Vegas, leaving his father, four brothers, and former life behind. Now, after his father’s death he’s returning to help his brothers with the family business and his former street racing reputation. On his first night back in town his path crosses with Londynn at the races. She awakens something in him that he hasn’t felt since that fateful night years ago.

Londynn Parrish may look like your typical rich girl but she’s far from it. Her entire life has been prepared and handed to her, but all she craves is freedom. Freedom to make her own choices and build her own life. Even if that means leaving behind the life she knows and moving forward with one of the James brothers. Jagger is your typical bad boy with a tortured past and grew up on the wrong side of town. He’s been gone for five years, but he’s back now and neither Londynn or Jagger can deny the pull they feel for one another.

Can Jagger let go of his past and create a future with Londynn? Can Londynn let go of the life prepared for her? Londynn has secrets of her own she’s trying to hide, but will Jagger be the one to bring the wall down?


Crown of Betrayal by Marie F. Crow ‘Award Winning Author’

Verona has lived in the safety and bliss of the palace and the luxury of what being a Siren means. Content to live her life in the shadows of her beautiful mother, Ostila, and the enchanting, dark beauty of her aunt, Morlena, Verona never thought about what life would be like should they be taken from her. At her mother’s coronation, these once impossible thoughts become shockingly real.

Corander has lived his life in the shadows of his father, Kurt. At the head of the Empradar bloodline, Kurt holds no mercy for those who fail him and even less for those he distrusts. When the palace falls to madness, it will be Corander who is tested by his father’s desires and torn by his own.

Together, Corander and Verona must discover who they really are, and who they are truly meant to become, before all is lost to hidden plots and crowns of betrayal.

Aiming for You by M. A. Lee

Blair grew up living a life of luxury in Sunnyvale, California. As the daughter of the mayor, she never had a worry or care in the world. Well, that was until now.
Aiden left his abusive home life behind and set out for the Army when he was only eighteen-years-old. Never looking back, he made a name for himself as one of the best shooters and fighters around. However, after a career-ending injury, Aiden found himself working as security to the mayor of Sunnyvale. Life was finally working out for Aiden as he stepped into a calm and peaceful role. Or, so he thought.
Now, Blair is in danger and Aiden is faced with a task unlike any he has ever faced before.
Fighting their growing feelings is tough enough when they have to see one another daily, but it is almost impossible when Blair has to live with Aiden as she is sent into protective custody. As sparks fly and loyalties are tested, Aiden and Blair must find a way to stay safe while protecting their hearts.

Deadlocked by Lorelai Watson

Rowan Davies has never liked Grayson Cole. He’s arrogant, cocky, and was her fiercest competitor in law school. The only thing Grayson has is common with Rowan is their best friend Seth — until Seth tragically dies in a car accident. Pushed together by their grief, Rowan and Grayson embark on a journey of closure, and find that love can grow even in the most barren of places, when you need it the most.

Breaking to Pieces by A. L. Hartwell

(A Before I Break Novel Book 2)

’Answer me, Olivia. Your freedom or his’

Olivia Heart, against her will has a choice to make. To give herself up entirely, body and soul to Luca or carry the guilt of blood on her hands.

‘Want me to be the perfect slave and drop to my knees at the mere sight of you?’

Luca Caruso’s sentence and obsession for Olivia is eight years and running. Free of his secrets, nothing, and nobody will get in his way of making Olivia his.

Until a new enemy rises, one with the means and power to take the one person that can bring Luca to his knees – her.

Christmas in Black Rock by Luna James


When a tall, handsome man named Sebastian Vaughn moves to Black Rock, Virginia, no one would’ve believed what his true motive was for moving to the small coal-mining town. Victoria Lane meets Sebastian one night at Rick’s Bar & Grill and becomes intrigued. She’s instantly drawn to him like a moth to a flame.

It’s the holiday season and Tori couldn’t be happier. As she gets to know Sebastian, she learns he loved Christmas as a kid. However, people change and Sebastian despises the holiday now. Tori takes it upon herself to make him fall in love with Christmas again.

Will Tori be able to change Sebastian’s mind about Christmas? Will he ever tell Tori what happened long ago to cause his dislike for the holiday season?

Find out in this intriguing prequel to Transformed, The Black Rock Series Book One.

Mistress Domination: The Rise of Princess Prude by Shawna Hunter

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Kate and Penelope seem like your average odd couple roommates. Kate is an ad-posting coder, who’s a little too free spirited. Penelope is an uptight Christian blogger, out to stem the tide of depravity infesting their city. Not much to see here, until you catch Kate sneaking out at night.

As Mistress Domination, Kate may be the only person in the world with genuine superpowers. Specifically, the ability to manifest sex toys (a delightfully broad definition) from thought into reality, and control them. With a trick like that up her sleeve, how could she not punish crime? Okay, maybe there were other hobbies she could have tried, but what else could be this fun? It’s hard for that mugger to get away with your purse, when he’s suddenly got a buttplug to pull out.

Penelope, not knowing Kate’s secret, isn’t happy to share a city with such a pervy superhero. In fact, she’s out to unmask the heroine. A frightening endeavor, but at least she has Kate to comfort her. Even if Kate would rather be doing far more. Oh, but Penelope isn’t defenseless either. In fact, she may just have a secret power of her own.

Will the two remain friends? Will their secrets destroy them? Or will all this naughty night time adventure lead them to see each other in a whole new light? Well, it’s an erotic tale, so you can be sure that it won’t just be the gloves that come off, when Mistress Domination takes on Princess Prude.

Don’t Belong Here by Jessica Wettig Hendrix

New ReleaseI

At sixteen, Brie Darnet was always considered the good girl.
With temptation around every corner, she has managed to hold tightly to her morals even in high school. Life was perfect until…it wasn’t anymore.

When tragedy struck, Brie lost her older sister and was struck with grief. Brie suddenly finds herself the target of bullying as her friends begin falling down a dangerous path of drugs and alcohol, Bre struggles with the betrayal from her friends and boyfriend, while also dealing with the loss of her sister.

As life becomes too much to handle, Brie finds herself at the brink of destruction. Only one thing can save her, but it’s the last thing she would have expected. Will she end her pain and her life? Will Brie be able to overcome the obstacles in her life?

Find out in this emotional and gripping story today.

Camp Afterlife by Zachary Ryan

** New Release**

Camp After life is a place for the lost, broken souls to find peace with their damaged lives before they walked through the door to Heaven. Gus dealing with the death of his brother and his relationship crumbling, came to this camp with way too many scars on his heart.

Meeting kindred souls like himself, Gus began to heal at Camp Afterlife. All thanks to his friends and blossoming relationship with Luis. This makes him pause, were Gus’s best days actually the ones after he took his final breath? Or will the guilt of his mistakes during his life going to cause him to self-destruct once more?