Everything I’ve Done by Kalila Black

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Sticks and stones may break bones, but Gideon Desrosiers knows that words can be just as painful. Growing up in a small town where vicious rumors are treated as fact taught him that. So Gideon stopped trying to be anything other than what the rumors say he is, until the day he meets Kacey. For her, he’ll face every demon he owns and he’ll conquer them one by one.

Kacey Turner is the queen of caution. One bad choice ended her life as she knew it, and she knows that’s all it will take to bring everything crashing down again. Gideon is the furthest from a sure thing, but he makes her feel alive. Some things are worth taking a risk for, and Kacey’s done playing it safe.

But when she learns a shocking secret that threatens to tear them apart forever, she has to make a decision. She isn’t sure she can survive without him anymore, but can she live with everything he’s done?

Fast Lane By Stephanie Nichole

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Kosi Scott has always had all the answers. She picks a path and stays on it but when everything in her life goes flying off course she’s left floundering in the world. Now, it seems her career driven attitude actually cost her what she wants most. In a desperate attempt she takes a job with the one person that she last wanted to spend time with…Roscoe.

Roscoe Langston is the definition of a free spirit. He doesn’t take anything seriously. Rosoe is more than happy to sit back and let the cards fall as they may. The only thing he has in his life is Mushu, his orange Tabby cat. Kosi has always gotten under his skin though not because she’s gorgeous, which she is, but because her need to control everything annoys him.

What happens when they a forced together day in and day out? Can Roscoe show Kosi there is more to life than work? Can Kosi make Roscoe see what’s been right in front of him for years?

Hold my Heart by Kalila Black

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Annalise Evans knows a heart doesn’t have to be whole to work. After all, Grayson took part of hers with him when he left. Determined to move on, she found a new dream and built a life she’s proud of. And if she’s a little lonely every now and then, well. That’s the price of keeping your heart safe.

Grayson Desrosiers has spent the past few years filled with regret over the choices he made when he was younger. All he needs is a second shot to get things right. When a chance encounter brings Annalise back into his life, Gray is determined to keep her there, for good this time.

But when Gray’s ‘come what may’ philosophy is put to the test, will he leave Anna, breaking her heart again, or will he choose to stay and be the man that she deserves?

In Solace and Solitude by McKenzie Stark

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In Solace and Solitude is the continuation of an embarking poetry book that dives into the world of love, heartbreak, depression, self-love, grief, and inner strength. While showcasing emotions sketched in pose and rhyme; even a twist of fantasy, and words that we all leave unspoken.

The words between the lines were crafted to help you learn how to love yourself. To help you heal your hearts once broken wounds. To help you overcome the pain that consumes you. To help you rise against the darkness and see the light shine through, and to show you that you are not alone; not then, not now, not ever.

McKenzie will take you on a compelling journey of laughter, sadness, loss and hope. Are you willing to take the dive into the unknown?

Cheap Lies by Mara A. Miller

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Not every ending is happy.

Gwen Justice is the eldest sister. The mother. The sinner. The one who makes bad relationship decisions. It’s like she’s drawn to making the horrible kind.

Stuck between her present, Jay, and her past, Charlie, Gwen can’t stop lying to herself. Maybe it’s a true inability to commit to a good man who deeply cares for her, or a deep-seated fear she keeps fighting that something will happen to him.

Jay is rough around the edges. Her bad boy. But he’s easier. He never leaves even when Gwen tries. There’s no fear of him getting hurt; not like there is with Charlie. And he truly loves her. Or so Gwen keeps telling herself.

Missed Calls by Zachary Ryan

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I’ll be here to save you from the darkness because we’re forever family.

Growing up has never been easy, and it can be especially hard for friendships. Cheyenne and Vanessa have always been in each other’s lives, but that doesn’t mean they’ve always seen eye to eye. Both of them are at the crossroads in their lives and in their friendship.

Will Cheyenne be able to find himself after his divorce? Can Vanessa find a way to feel fulfilled with her life? Are Cheyenne and Vanessa built as friends, or are they too different to find common ground?

Missed Calls is a novel of friendship, finding yourself, forgiveness, and accepting the past is the past.

Breaking the Limits by Stephanie Nichole

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Ace James is the definition of a bad boy. Kynlee Adams is the definition of an attention whore. Ace James loves three things in this world aside from his brothers, tattoos, cars, and music. He swore he’d never fall in love after losing his mom to cancer while he was still a kid. He dates, he hooks up but nothing else crosses his mind. No serious relationships and no love until Kynlee Adams shows up and turns his world upside down.

Kynlee is no girl next door. She’s returning to L.A. fresh out of high school to live with her best friend and pursue her goal of becoming a playmate. Kynlee lives for the attention she gets from guys, she needs that attention to feel confident in her own skin. Before her family moved during high school she had wanted on guy…Ace James. Now, that she’s back she still wants the one guy she never got.

Ace and Kynlee find themselves in uncharted territory as their relationship begins to bloom but not without obstacles. Kynlee is in love with Ace but Ace can’t say the words leaving her to question their entire relationship. Add in a co-worker hell-bent on making Kynlee his who also happens to be an enemy of Ace’s.

Ace can’t understand why Kynlee needs the attention of prancing around in lingerie. Ace is jealous by nature but with Enzo pursuing Kynlee whom Ace loves even if he can’t admit it. Enzo goes out of his way to remind Ace just how unworthy he is of Kynlee.

After a near death experience, Ace is more determined than ever to make things work with Kynlee but Kynlee has secrets of her own. Secrets that involve Enzo and it could end her relationship and future with Ace if they get out.

Barker by Stephanie Nichole

Annistyn Tarantino is used to doing everything on her own. There are two people that she knows she can rely on, her father and best friend, Talon. Her father’s failing health has her barely managing financially. Between nursing school, medical bill co-pays, and everyday life she’s struggling. Her only saving grace is the local drag racing scene. When she gets an inside invite to the most exclusive race, she knows she can’t refuse.

Barker Tobin moved to Los Angelos as the new president of the Sons of Sin MC. Taking on the unreputable Los Angelos chapter and reforming it into a respectable group has been no easy task. Knowing reputations have the tendency to be exaggerated helps him take a chance on the chapter. Barker’s own has him pegged as a ladies’ man and he’s fine with that because one heartbreak was enough.

Barker isn’t prepared for Annistyn and his cocky, undefeated attitude catches up to him. Losing the race is the last thing on his mind once he lays eyes on Annistyn but she has a secret. One that could completely tear them apart just as things get started.

Take Your Heart by Kalila Black

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The for Better or Worse Series book 1

Sixteen-year-old Grayson Desrosiers has never really given much thought to ‘happy ever after’. He always assumed that would come later in life. But when he meets Annalise Evans, a tourist visiting his small hometown, he can’t help but want more than just one day with her. And soon, he begins to suspect that he’ll never get enough when it comes to Anna.

Annalise Evans may be young, but she knows her heart, and her heart tells her from the moment they meet that there’s something special about Grayson. The more they talk, the more certain she becomes. She believes with all her heart that fate brought her to Gray, her perfect love. It isn’t long before he rules her heart.

But fate’s timing is just a little off. Gray is ready for more than just the innocence of first love. He doesn’t want to pressure Anna, but his only other choice is to let her go and hope she still loves him when the time is right.

Deadlocked by Lorelai Watson

Rowan Davies has never liked Grayson Cole. He’s arrogant, cocky, and was her fiercest competitor in law school. The only thing Grayson has is common with Rowan is their best friend Seth — until Seth tragically dies in a car accident. Pushed together by their grief, Rowan and Grayson embark on a journey of closure, and find that love can grow even in the most barren of places, when you need it the most.