Reluctant Witness by Charlene Johnson

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When a high-profile executive is murdered in his best friend’s hotel, Detective Derrick Holmes is assigned to track down the killer. The sole witness to the murder is a beautiful high-priced escort.

Sonnet Jackson goes to the wrong hotel room and witnesses a shocking murder. She is stunned because she knows the killer. He’s someone from her past she hoped to never see again.

Fearing for her life, she lies during her police interview. Derrick senses it. He needs the lovely, evasive woman to tell him what she knows and is willing to use seduction to solve the case. But would his seduction backfire?

Derrick is so hot he makes Sonnet’s knees weak. He checks every box for her. Every box. But she can’t risk getting close to him and she can’t tell him the truth.

To make matters worse, Derrick has enemies of his own. Enemies who want him dead.

After a bold attempt on his and Sonnet’s lives, Derrick enlists the help of two close friends and someone completely unexpected to protect them.

The countdown to an all-out war looms before them. Will they all survive? Or will time run out?

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Escape from Guinea Island by Dexter Conrad

When creature-of-habit news editor Jenny McBeth is suddenly given a coveted promotion she is not qualified for, she finds herself thrust into a motley news crew and sent to an island off the coast of Australia. Her task: to hunt down the truth behind the British Royal family’s disappearance, whose plane lost contact over the uncharted territory. Shortly after arriving, the group realizes something is amiss, and soon it is they who become the hunted in a struggle of deception and survival.

Offshore, a group of thieves aboard a luxury cruise ship must escape to the island, unleashing unforeseen horrors; for what was once thought to be nothing more than fiction is very, very real as a well-intentioned medical experiment casts a novel virus upon the world, rapidly spreading among the island’s native tribe. A battle humankind has never known has begun, and a cure must be found before all succumb to the infected.

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Divide & Conquer by McKenzie Stark

Where does friendship come to a rest and love commence?

At just 18, Freya Sawyer’s life was anything but perfect, with the weight of the world on her shoulders, she ran with the wrong crowd and got pulled into a vicious cycle. That all changed when one night forced her into a court ordered stay at Arkadia Academy for troubled delinquents.

Lexa Forester just so happens to be her new brooding and sexy roommate. Together they dance around their attraction for each other until there is nothing else standing in their way of falling heart first into what could either be the best or the worst thing for them.

Each other.

Together they can conquer the world and change the unraveling past that they both desperately latch onto to survive. Can true love prevail or will they scare away from the only thing that’s ever made them feel alive?

Find out in this steamy and thrill filled lesbian friends to lover’s romance.

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Pedal to the Metal by Stephanie Nichole

Pedal to the Metal is a fast paced love story about overcoming heartache and learning how to fall in love again. The James Brothers series will follow a family of five brothers living in Los Angeles. The James brothers have a reputation of being the bad boys of the street racing world. Their world revolves around all things cars even owning a car shop. Pedal to the Metal follows the story of Jagger James.

Five years ago a tragic accident changed Jagger’s life forever. He ran from L.A. to Las Vegas, leaving his father, four brothers, and former life behind. Now, after his father’s death he’s returning to help his brothers with the family business and his former street racing reputation. On his first night back in town his path crosses with Londynn at the races. She awakens something in him that he hasn’t felt since that fateful night years ago.

Londynn Parrish may look like your typical rich girl but she’s far from it. Her entire life has been prepared and handed to her, but all she craves is freedom. Freedom to make her own choices and build her own life. Even if that means leaving behind the life she knows and moving forward with one of the James brothers. Jagger is your typical bad boy with a tortured past and grew up on the wrong side of town. He’s been gone for five years, but he’s back now and neither Londynn or Jagger can deny the pull they feel for one another.

Can Jagger let go of his past and create a future with Londynn? Can Londynn let go of the life prepared for her? Londynn has secrets of her own she’s trying to hide, but will Jagger be the one to bring the wall down?

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Wavering Moon (The Coven Queens Series Book 2) by Lisa Colodny

Have you ever considered how your life might be if magic was an everyday part of it? What if your heritage included a line of powerful “good” witches who battled demons and the powerful dark knights who threatened to disrupt the balance of power? Although Magna Joubert’s been aware of the White Witches who govern the Coterie, she never really considered she’d one day take her mother’s place as lord and leader. It wasn’t long after Magna returned home to Louisiana to assume leadership of her mother’s magic school, Waverly Academy and the Coterie that she felt the dark forces encroaching on the academy. She knew it was simply a matter of time before darkness broke the truce and made a play to control heaven, earth, and everything in between. With the aid of her magical and non magical friends, she’s put to the test to defeat the darkness that threatens her and her legacy. Wavering Moon is more than a story about defeating evil and restoring the goodness of order. It’s also about destiny and the family ties that bond us together in life as well as in death. Some things really are forever.

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Mistress Domination: The Rise of Princess Prude by Shawna Hunter

Kate and Penelope seem like your average odd couple roommates. Kate is an ad-posting coder, who’s a little too free spirited. Penelope is an uptight Christian blogger, out to stem the tide of depravity infesting their city. Not much to see here, until you catch Kate sneaking out at night.

As Mistress Domination, Kate may be the only person in the world with genuine superpowers. Specifically, the ability to manifest sex toys (a delightfully broad definition) from thought into reality, and control them. With a trick like that up her sleeve, how could she not punish crime? Okay, maybe there were other hobbies she could have tried, but what else could be this fun? It’s hard for that mugger to get away with your purse, when he’s suddenly got a buttplug to pull out.

Penelope, not knowing Kate’s secret, isn’t happy to share a city with such a pervy superhero. In fact, she’s out to unmask the heroine. A frightening endeavor, but at least she has Kate to comfort her. Even if Kate would rather be doing far more. Oh, but Penelope isn’t defenseless either. In fact, she may just have a secret power of her own.

Will the two remain friends? Will their secrets destroy them? Or will all this naughty night time adventure lead them to see each other in a whole new light? Well, it’s an erotic tale, so you can be sure that it won’t just be the gloves that come off, when Mistress Domination takes on Princess Prude.

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Chrysalis by Drew Kientz

A Perfect Order Series Book 1

Juniper Appleblossom is a drug addict, self-appointed rock star, and unknowingly one of the most powerful Enlightened ever to walk the Earth. After meeting Dr. Tuppence Buckingham at gunpoint, she is dragged into a world of secret societies where people with special abilities jockey for power while holding back threats who prey on mankind.

In a matter of days, Juniper discovers that demons, spirits, and witches are all very real, and a 187-year-old French man tells her she is supposed to be mankind’s latest budding savior. Even though her powers develop faster than anyone else who has come before, Juniper is more concerned with getting her next fix.

She’ll have to bring together clashing lifestyles if she has any hope at tackling her first supernatural threat. A local Arkansan Cherokee tribe has a wendigo problem, and she’s the only one who can stop it.

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Nykara (The Nykara Series Book 1) by Katie Holland

Nykara is the first novel in a thrilling young adult fantasy series.

For sixteen-year-old Alix, life was simple in her small town. However, that all changed the moment a mysterious boy moves into her town. Alix begins to discover strange occurrences all around her. Only, she quickly learns the magic she once believed to be fiction, may be more real than she ever could have imagined.

Slap Shot by Stephanie Nichole

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The Game Changer Series Book 1

Blurb: Rhys Owens is the player to beat when it comes to the ice. He has everything at the tip of his fingers until an injury takes him out for a good portion of the season. After surgery he has to make a comeback, more determined than ever to prove himself while trying to escape his past.

Adair Warren wants to be a hardcore political journalist yet she’s stuck editing and fact-checking at a sports magazine. She’s lucky to have a job but two things: she doesn’t like sports and she despises jocks, then the assignment of a lifetime that could lead to her dream job happens but first she has people to impress with articles about Rhys’ comeback.

With these two skating on thin ice can they both prove themselves and find love or will it all melt?

Truth by D.S. Tossell

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I am a liar. I am a deceiver. I am a betrayer. My name is Anna, and I am a monster.

Anna’s talents are unquestionable, but more than that, they are specific. Anna was taught to study her target. Learn everything about them, their schedule, what they like to do in their spare time and even the company they kept. Her parents made her who she is today, and when she finally leaves the past behind her, life reminds her it has a way of catching back up to her. Anna has been honest with him, giving him the opportunity to look away, to leave her to her sins, but he has followed her anyway, and so now, Anna must destroy his heart in order to save him.

My name is Alan, and I am a fool. All his life AIan has loved Anna. Her heart has always been guarded, protecting something sacred, but she has finally given him a chance. When everything blows up in their faces, he does the only thing he can. The thing he is best at doing by trying to make the most out of the horrid situation that is put in front of him. Little did he know his heart would receive pain and ache, unlike anything he has ever experienced.