Guilt by D. S. Tossell

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Jared and Laynie have been together for years. When Jared gets a great job opportunity in New York he uproots his and Laynie’s lives and moves out there. Laynie immediately notices a change in Jared’s personality. He becomes emotionally and physically abusive towards her.

One night after a break-in goes wrong Jared awakes in the hospital, only to learn he has lost a year of his memories. This includes hurting the one person he swore he would protect with his life. Now Laynie and Jared must get back to who they were before everything went wrong and get to the bottom of the reason behind all the pain.


Just One Taste by McKenzie Stark

Kaiden Sloane is the most well known CEO of Austen Enterprises. A highly successful and undeniably sexy billionaire that has everything that he could possibly ask for, except one thing.


This billionaire bad boy is far more excited to give a women the orgasm of a lifetime, shattering both their worlds than to ever let his heart betray his desire. But when Kaira Hudges walks through the door as the newest Intern, trying to get on with her life with no intent of stacking up any romantic relationships, she manages to shift his whole world upside down.

When electricity fares and each others desires begin to peak through, Kaiden is determined to bring all her fantasies to life, wanting to show her what a real man can be like.

But can Kaira allow herself to play fire with fire, or will playing such a dangerous game with the devil get her into even more trouble?


His Deadly Obsession by Desiree Scott

He has a deadly obsession – her.

Chelsea Hopkins thought she had killed the man who abused her. When her desperate mark misses its aim, fear keeps her running. She has spent years one step ahead of him, a man hell bent on destroying her. Running has taught her that trust was a fragile illusion that she couldn’t afford, or it could kill her.

When she hits Sweet Valley, Georgia, Chelsea had no intention on staying long. Armed with scars and nightmares, she soon forges a new life and a new identity beneath layers of deceit and deception but her time is running out.

Ian St. Clair can see the pain in Chelsea’s eyes, the shattered turmoil in their dark depths. He craves nothing more than to keep her safe. He knows she wants to escape her past and he will stop at nothing to show that she belongs in the small community, with him.
Can Ian protect Chelsea, or will she keep running?


Tainted Magic by Karen DuBose

The truth always comes out. Whether you want I know it or not. New enemies surface while old ones become your family.

Finding out what you were never meant to become, is something that took me by surprise. To top everything else off, I didn’t see what was happening in my own home. If it wasn’t for Skye being my soul mate, my life would have been destroyed by a father who was supposed to love me. Instead, he used me for an end game — one I plan on stopping if I can manage to get these new powers under control in time to stop him.

The Goddess Caireen has something up her sleeve and we have to figure out what it is before it’s too late. I’m starting to think she is using me for an end game too. But for the life of me, I can’t figure out what or why. She has been meddling in human lives. From our understanding that is forbidden. I pray we figure it out before it cost us all our lives.

The only question I have is, what happens if we can’t get the balance back in order? What if we all fail? Will the world really be destroyed? If so, by whom?

In Solitude and Solace by McKenzie Stark


In Solitude and Solace is an embarking poetry book that dives into the world of love, heartbreak, depression, self-love, grief, and inner strength. While showcasing emotions sketched in pose and rhyme; even a twist of fantasy, and words that we all leave unspoken.

The words between the lines were crafted to help you learn how to love yourself. To help you heal your hearts once broken wounds. To help you overcome the pain that consumes you. To help you rise against the darkness and see the light shine through, and to show you that you are not alone; not then, not now, not ever.

McKenzie will take you on a compelling journey of laughter, sadness, loss and hope. Are you willing to take the dive into the unknown?


The Kinky Destruction of Chantelle Sinclaire by Shawna Hunter

Chantelle Sinclaire has it all. Wealth, fame, talent…so why isn’t she happy? When the latest in a long line of for-the-cameras boyfriends dumps her, Chantelle Sinclaire will find herself…apathetic. That is, until a chance encounter with her bodyguard sends her mind spinning in new directions.

Now she’s hooked on misbehaving. Men and women, employees and strangers, she’ll betray everything she once stood for in pursuit of her next sexual thrill. With her bodyguards struggling to keep the situation under control and her career suffering greater harms every day, Chantelle Sinclaire is in decline…and loving every minute of it.

What depths will she sink to? What lines won’t she cross? Books, speeches and world renowned roles haven’t satisfied her. Even becoming the sex toy of a dominant couple hasn’t reined her in. So, what will rock bottom finally look like? And will she welcome it when it comes?


Damned by Charlene Iohnston

When Archangel Michael discovers a demon pierced the veil into another realm, he assigns his top warrior, Rayven Stone, to retrieve her.

Desiree Black is the fiery haired demon with stunning emerald eyes Rayven can’t resist. And the one thing he never expected to do was to fall in love.

Returning to present day meant protecting Desiree from the cruel demon leader who vows to punish her for disobeying him. What will Rayven have to do to save her?

It’s angel versus demon. Who will emerge the victor?

Disturbing Secrets by Jennifer A. Brown

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When it comes to chilling stories, not everyone wants their chapters read out loud.

Jacob Barnes has a lot on his plate. Not only has he been left with the task of searching for his alleged son’s missing mother, but he also gets roped into filling in for his sister Jocelyn’s murder mystery weekend at the local hotel.
Things start to fall apart when a scene in the event gets compromised. When a sex doll resembling Jocelyn is found floating in the pool, and she wakes up in another part of the hotel, the murder mystery weekend comes to a halt as more troubles arise. A man shows up at the hotel with a bone to pick with Jacob…and a shocking connection to the mother of his child.

Events escalate, leading to the disappearance of Christopher, Jacob’s son, and Jocelyn. As the search ensues for both, and clues surface to Jocelyn’s whereabouts, Jacob struggles with more harsh truths. Can he find his family before it’s too late?

Beautifully Broken A. L. Hartwell

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Luca Caruso, king of control and secrets has fallen from his throne when the love of his life, Olivia Heart is stolen away right under his watch.

His life beings to unravel, his secrets begin to bleed out, and his karma is swift and lethal. On the precipice of his suffering, he is forced to face his biggest fear – not being able to protect Olivia from darkness far worse than him.

Olivia hadn’t spread her wings and flew with the butterflies like she hoped. She was captured under the net of a true monster instead. One that wanted to pluck every wing and place her under glass.

There will be no bending.

She will break.

And not every piece will go back together the same.

Everything I’ve Done by Kalila Black

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Sticks and stones may break bones, but Gideon Desrosiers knows that words can be just as painful. Growing up in a small town where vicious rumors are treated as fact taught him that. So Gideon stopped trying to be anything other than what the rumors say he is, until the day he meets Kacey. For her, he’ll face every demon he owns and he’ll conquer them one by one.

Kacey Turner is the queen of caution. One bad choice ended her life as she knew it, and she knows that’s all it will take to bring everything crashing down again. Gideon is the furthest from a sure thing, but he makes her feel alive. Some things are worth taking a risk for, and Kacey’s done playing it safe.

But when she learns a shocking secret that threatens to tear them apart forever, she has to make a decision. She isn’t sure she can survive without him anymore, but can she live with everything he’s done?