If, Love by Kerri Ann

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The ring, the rose and the romance. Every girl’s dream.

My name is Cammie Jane. I’m a career waitress at the hottest speak-easy in the San Diego area. I have tattoos, I ride a motorcycle like a boss, and I know what I want out of life. I want someone who makes me feel amazing. He needs to be funny, energetic, outgoing, a total adventurer and loyal. Definitely loyal, and he’ll want a partner that is the same. They too are looking for the love of a lifetime. The soul mate kind of thing.

Every night is the same at our club, men hit on me, I might date one or two of them, but nothing serious ever becomes of it. No one is ever right. Jokingly telling my coworkers that I should just set up my own bachelor type dating game, they agree to help me. Maybe instead of going on a bunch of dates, I could set up one date with a bunch of guys?

Hoping on the newest and hottest dating app there is, with the help of my friends, we each choose a few potential guys. There’s no use in dragging this out, so I’ll meet them all at once and then narrow the field down from the big number to one. I was sure it was going to work, that was until I met them.

Now, I’m not so sure this is that genius idea. I think this is a disaster waiting to happen. Things are going to get messy if I can’t figure out how to choose. Who is the bachelor for me?

The Perfect Sister by Zachary Ryan

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They say sisters have your back forever. Well, what happens when your secrets are on the line? How much can you trust your Kappa Zeta sister?

Tinsley came to Campbell to escape the problems and mistakes of her past. She thought she would have a fresh start, but at Kappa Zeta, there’s not such thing as a fresh start or hidden secrets.

Remember girls, you better keep your secrets close to your chest and make sure none of your sorority sisters have a knife they’re dying to dig into your back.


His Deadly Obsession by Desiree Scott

He has a deadly obsession – her.

Chelsea Hopkins thought she had killed the man who abused her. When her desperate mark misses its aim, fear keeps her running. She has spent years one step ahead of him, a man hell bent on destroying her. Running has taught her that trust was a fragile illusion that she couldn’t afford, or it could kill her.

When she hits Sweet Valley, Georgia, Chelsea had no intention on staying long. Armed with scars and nightmares, she soon forges a new life and a new identity beneath layers of deceit and deception but her time is running out.

Ian St. Clair can see the pain in Chelsea’s eyes, the shattered turmoil in their dark depths. He craves nothing more than to keep her safe. He knows she wants to escape her past and he will stop at nothing to show that she belongs in the small community, with him.
Can Ian protect Chelsea, or will she keep running?

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Chimera (A Rescue Me Series Novel) by Lisa Colodny

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A chimera is an illusion, an idea of something that can never be. In mythology, the pseudo-creature has the head of a lion, body of a goat, and a serpent’s tail spliced together into a freak of nature without a purpose or plan. Under the watchful eye of a scientist in a lab, it is a genetic anomaly whose presence exists as a contradiction to mother nature herself. When Catherine Masters, a tenured risk manager for one of North Carolina’s largest and most successful healthcare systems, begins to suspect that everything is not as it seems, she enlists the help of her longtime friend and pharmacy director, Dr Ryan Allen, to sort through past and present conspiracies that identify facts from fiction and separate lies from the truth. After they uncover a terrible secret involving murder and corruption at the highest level of the corporate command, they find their lives and the lives of those they love in compromise and that everything at the hospital is not as it seems. After several prominent physicians die under suspicious circumstances, they fear no one is safe from the sins of the past. They enlist the aid of the FBI, only to discover the FBI may be collaborating with the conspirators. Catherine and Ryan will, at the very least, be forced to look deep inside themselves and discover the chimera that lives in each of us to save themselves and those they love from being sacrificed for the sins of the past. Will they find their way through the smoke and mirrors of a corporate structure where nothing is as it seems? Or, will they learn that everyone is expendable to promote a secret agenda hidden in plain sight between lies that span over fifty years?

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Bending to Break by A.L Hartwell

A Before I Break Novel Book 1

Olivia Heart has a tragic past and a closed heart. Focusing on her fledgling career to become a lawyer she doesn’t realize a moment of kindness, eight years ago, would be the undoing of all her hard work to remain hidden. Giving away her plane ticket in an act of defiance, Olivia seals her fate to a man who sees right through her.

In the passing eight years, Luca Caruso waits in the shadows, protecting her with his anonymity, money, and four highly trained guards – repaying his debt. The repayment stalls when one guard steps out of line, forcing Luca to steal her away, to submit to a life of his blinding obsession and desire.

Olivia wrestles with her head and her heart, desiring her freedom but also the secrets from the man that stole her away in the middle of the night. Amid his desperation for her acceptance, Olivia begins to uncover his dark secrets and attempts to flee. Feeling betrayed, Luca forces Olivia to make a difficult decision.

To bend or break? The choice is hers.

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Into The Woods by Lisa Colodny

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Liam and Samantha’s grandparent’s farm has always been a magical place it seems. Every visit is an endless adventure filled with imaginative and creative experiences, not to mention midnight hide and seek, hillside baseball competitions, and community kick-the-can games. But nothing could prepare them for the trip they take to the magical woods of Nelliah. After a raging storm, Liam and Samantha take refuge in a barn, only to learn they have been transported into another world. With Ailill, a wise creature in possession of a powerful walking stick and magical mirror, they search the woods to find the entrance to the wormhole that will lead them to home. Their quest won’t be an easy one; even with the dragonflies, hummingbirds, and fireflies, along with an all knowing red bird as allies. They are nearly defeated by the greedy packs of wolves who want the mirror and walking stick for their own so that they may control the channel between the worlds. In the Place Where Magic Lives, Liam and Samantha’s loyalty to each other is put to the test as they journey through the woods becomes a war. Hopeful they will find the way out of Nelliah and return to the farm and be reunited with their family, these two will stop at nothing to complete their mission. Will they overcome the forces that threaten to tear both worlds apart? Or, are they destined to remain as visitors in the woods of Neliah? It’s an all-out battle of good versus evil, one not soon forgotten.

Reluctant Witness by Charlene Johnson

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When a high-profile executive is murdered in his best friend’s hotel, Detective Derrick Holmes is assigned to track down the killer. The sole witness to the murder is a beautiful high-priced escort.

Sonnet Jackson goes to the wrong hotel room and witnesses a shocking murder. She is stunned because she knows the killer. He’s someone from her past she hoped to never see again.

Fearing for her life, she lies during her police interview. Derrick senses it. He needs the lovely, evasive woman to tell him what she knows and is willing to use seduction to solve the case. But would his seduction backfire?

Derrick is so hot he makes Sonnet’s knees weak. He checks every box for her. Every box. But she can’t risk getting close to him and she can’t tell him the truth.

To make matters worse, Derrick has enemies of his own. Enemies who want him dead.

After a bold attempt on his and Sonnet’s lives, Derrick enlists the help of two close friends and someone completely unexpected to protect them.

The countdown to an all-out war looms before them. Will they all survive? Or will time run out?

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Escape from Guinea Island by Dexter Conrad

When creature-of-habit news editor Jenny McBeth is suddenly given a coveted promotion she is not qualified for, she finds herself thrust into a motley news crew and sent to an island off the coast of Australia. Her task: to hunt down the truth behind the British Royal family’s disappearance, whose plane lost contact over the uncharted territory. Shortly after arriving, the group realizes something is amiss, and soon it is they who become the hunted in a struggle of deception and survival.

Offshore, a group of thieves aboard a luxury cruise ship must escape to the island, unleashing unforeseen horrors; for what was once thought to be nothing more than fiction is very, very real as a well-intentioned medical experiment casts a novel virus upon the world, rapidly spreading among the island’s native tribe. A battle humankind has never known has begun, and a cure must be found before all succumb to the infected.

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Divide & Conquer by McKenzie Stark

Where does friendship come to a rest and love commence?

At just 18, Freya Sawyer’s life was anything but perfect, with the weight of the world on her shoulders, she ran with the wrong crowd and got pulled into a vicious cycle. That all changed when one night forced her into a court ordered stay at Arkadia Academy for troubled delinquents.

Lexa Forester just so happens to be her new brooding and sexy roommate. Together they dance around their attraction for each other until there is nothing else standing in their way of falling heart first into what could either be the best or the worst thing for them.

Each other.

Together they can conquer the world and change the unraveling past that they both desperately latch onto to survive. Can true love prevail or will they scare away from the only thing that’s ever made them feel alive?

Find out in this steamy and thrill filled lesbian friends to lover’s romance.

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