Stone Cold by M. A. Lee

The Heavy Hitters Series Book Two

After his scandalous fight with Mad Max, Stone was banned from the professional fighting world. Turning to a wild and reckless life filled with women, alcohol, and drugs, Stone thought that his life was officially over. With nowhere left to go, Stone takes a job as a bouncer in a Las Vegas Club.

Ember grew up in a trailer park in the middle of nowhere. Once she graduated high school, she took off for the big city lights of Las Vegas and never looked back. She has no idea what she wants out of life yet, but she knows she will never go back to the world she left behind.

One night, after a couple of customers get a little too rowdy in the bar, Ember finds herself being saved by the last man she ever would have expected– Stone Cold, the infamous bad boy fighter who was shunned from the MMA fighting world. When their eyes lock, both Stone and Ember realize there’s more to the other than they ever could have imagined. Ember see’s strength in Stone and he finds hope in Ember. 

Will they be able to save one another and help build the lives they are both destined for?

Promise Of Wishing Rock by Lisa Colodny

The Place Where Magic Lives Series Book 3

Their grandfather’s farm has always been a magical place for eleven-year old cousins, Liam and Samantha. Even before the wormhole in the woods transported them to the magical world of Nelliah where they encountered a variety of magical creatures with special powers, they’d known the farm and surrounding area was unlike any other place they’d ever been. 

The Promise of the Wishing Rock, finds the cousins deposited back to a time of ruthless outlaws and charming gun slingers. Imagine driving cattle hundreds of miles across the open terrain, befriended by Indians, enchanted by mythological little people, smitten by cowboy tales of the red ghost, and riding alongside Billy the Kid, himself into an adventure straight off the western plain. 

Will they once again find the mirror and walking stick that opens the channel between the worlds and find their way home? Or will they be forced to remain with the kind-hearted widow who offers then shelter from the winter’s cold. The battle of good versus evil continues as the cousins race to find their way back to their grandfather’s home and into the arms of their family and friends.

Stranded by Desiree Scott

The Vail Mountain Series Book 1

It was supposed to be a vacation, a time to save her marriage, but what Joan Clayton hadn’t counted on was Murphy’s Law of Vail Mountain and the secrets that had damaged her marriage beyond repair. It was over. Depressed and angry, she decided to venture directly into an oncoming snowstorm, one that would be known as the blizzard of the century.

Stephen Brockheart received the call concerning a missing tourist after working 26 hours straight. A park ranger for the mountain resort, he set out on the routine mission, knowing he was running out of time as the blizzard hit with visibility zero. What he hadn’t counted on was saving a beautiful woman and falling for her, a city girl who knew nothing about the dangers of the mountain. He had been there before and vowed never to return. 

As Mother Nature raged, Joan was soon overcome by the feelings a complete stranger evoked in her, causing her to reevaluate her own life. Through the blizzard and stranded at the resort, death was imminent for any who would try to leave. 

Despite loss and secrets, can two people find love and happiness again? Can they be given a second chance to make it real and lasting, or will that chance die with them?

Untangled Devotion by McKenzie Stark

The Unraveled Series Book 1

Beatrix Everstone had never known love or loss until she risked loosing everything. At 25, she just wanted things to go back to normal. But life wasn’t all that easy and Beatrix found herself wrapped in the arms of her once chaotic life. Into a piece of her past that was shattered by one persons ruthlessness and thrown back into a life that she never thought she would see again, and in a home that she fled from years ago. The lies start to unfold, as the secrets begin to unravel at her feet.

Beatrix comes face to face with what she’d left behind, a loving girlfriend, a family who loved her, and most of all, her dignity. But she’s back, and she’ll be damned if she lets anything or anyone step between her and her path to happiness. Lark Blackwood is her sexy and very tempting long lost ex girlfriend, the woman who has held her heart since they were kids, and who never truly gave it back.

Beatrix finds herself at a crossroad between falling back into the arms of the brunette with the deep brown eyes that has a way of stealing her breath away, or letting the secret she’d held onto for so long, completely shatter her. Beatrix finds herself troubled by her chaotic ideals and becomes overwhelmed with moral questions.

Will her conscience allow her to do whatever is needed to stop the reason she fled town from stealing away the only thing she’s ever loved? Or will the bitch come back to bite her in the ass?

McKenzie Stark delivers a brave and poignant story that explores the love between a lost soul and her ex girlfriend, while uncovering a web of lies and challenging barriers that stand in their way to happiness.

Chrysalis by Drew Kientz

A Perfect Order Series Book 1

Juniper Appleblossom is a drug addict, self-appointed rock star, and unknowingly one of the most powerful Enlightened ever to walk the Earth. After meeting Dr. Tuppence Buckingham at gunpoint, she is dragged into a world of secret societies where people with special abilities jockey for power while holding back threats who prey on mankind.

In a matter of days, Juniper discovers that demons, spirits, and witches are all very real, and a 187-year-old French man tells her she is supposed to be mankind’s latest budding savior. Even though her powers develop faster than anyone else who has come before, Juniper is more concerned with getting her next fix.

She’ll have to bring together clashing lifestyles if she has any hope at tackling her first supernatural threat. A local Arkansan Cherokee tribe has a wendigo problem, and she’s the only one who can stop it.

Hot News by Caleb Pine

Cody never thought he would be able to find someone else after the death of his fiancé, Ash. He knew the scar on his heart from being rejected from Ash’s family was very prominent on his heart. He never expected a Chicago reporter to walk in to make him hopeful for love again. The only problem was Andy had a love scar of his own. 

Andy, now living with his sister, walked into a coffee shop looking for a cup of coffee only to be given a chance of a new romance. Would Andy be able to give his heart to Cody after he found his first love with another man in bed or would he continue to keep up that wall up to any future love? 

Hot News is a story of how love scars can ruin you, but with the right person, you can finally heal some deep wounds.

Shifted Fate by Michelle Areaux

The Alpha Queens Series Book 1

Some secrets should remain hidden in the past. My entire life shifted in one night. After my parents were killed in a car accident, I was forced to move to a small, West Virginia town with my aunt, who I hadn’t seen since I was five-years-old. 
Moving from my life in Chicago to the middle of nowhere wasn’t even the worst part. No way. 

Once in my new home, I quickly realized that I was out of my element in more ways than I could have ever thought. I despise my new life– until I meet him. Dash. There is something strikingly alluring about the brown-haired boy who seems to be everywhere I turn. Plus, his hot best friend, Jace, is a nice bonus, too. The mysterious boys drive me crazy, as they both attempt to fight for my attention. 

Just when I think life here in West Virginia might not be so bad after all, life throws me another curve-ball. A secret from my past comes back to haunt me and I am forced into a role I was never prepared for. As I settle into my new existence, someone’s sinister plans for me threaten to destroy everything I have. I have no idea what I am supposed to do, but I better figure it out soon.

Crescent Vendetta by Desiree Scott

The Vendetta Series Book 1

Wolf-shifter Vanessa Burns has survived a life of brutality and neglect. Being kidnapped, drugged, and forced into an underground fighting right is just the beginning of one man’s sick and twisted obsession.

Travis Kameron, the Alpha of the Crescent Ice Pack, suffering a similar fate; wakes up to find that his life is about to be irreparable changed by the fierce she-wolf in the next cage.

Can they put aside old rivalries and the past and work together to not only survive and escape but to weather the storm of complications, revenge, and betrayals waiting for them on the outside?

Lost in a Video Game by M. Areaux

Kids who love playing video games will find this story about twelve-year-old Cole and his adventures of being lost in his favorite video game, absolutely thrilling. 

For twelve-year-old Cole, playing video games is his life. Focusing more on the epic adventures in the fantasy worlds, he begins to lose sight of fiction vs. reality. That is, until he finds himself lost in his favorite video game; Pro Gamer Legacy. To survive and make it back to the real world, Cole must transform into the characters he once controlled. 

Will Cole be able to win the Pro Gamer Legacy? Or will he be lost in a video game forever?

Happy Birthday by Marie F. Crow

Abigail and Her Pet Zombie Illustrated Series Book 6

Today is a grand celebration but it also comes with a great big problem! With the arrival of Abigail’s pet zombie’s birthday, she hasn’t a clue what to give him on his very special day. With help from her friends, can Abigail figure it out in time? After all, what does one give a pet zombie for his birthday?