Deadlocked by Lorelai Watson

Rowan Davies has never liked Grayson Cole. He’s arrogant, cocky, and was her fiercest competitor in law school. The only thing Grayson has is common with Rowan is their best friend Seth — until Seth tragically dies in a car accident. Pushed together by their grief, Rowan and Grayson embark on a journey of closure, and find that love can grow even in the most barren of places, when you need it the most.


Trapped in a Castle by Katie Holland

A Slightly Strange Romance

Eve woke up to her worst nightmare, she seemed to be in a castle and had no knowledge of how she got there. After realizing where she was she tried desperately to find a way out. After weeks of searching she gave up and accepted her new reality. It wasn’t that bad though, an endless supply of food, all the books you could read, a kitten for company and a fresh plate of cookies on the counter every morning. One day Jackson mysteriously appears in the castle and seems to be in the same situation as her. She hopes that together they can find a way out of the castle and get back to their real lives. But the longer they are there, the less their former lives matter and the more Eve finds herself falling for Jackson. Can Eve truly accept this new reality and find happiness with a stranger?


Shattered Echo by McKenzie Stark

Sebastian Crow is the proud owner of The River lounge strip club, where they bring a whole new level to stripping. He’s the man that your parents warned you about, the one they said to never let in your heart, let alone your bed. Cousin to the well known Raven brothers. He’s every woman’s heartthrob, this hunk is determined to make his strip club number one – loving nothing more than the sight of woman dancing on those poles. This badass, sexy player will rock every woman’s world, banging them any place their hearts desire and pulling them over the edge. Cheryl Adams is a new stripper at The River lounge , having been homeless for the last two years she’ll do anything to survive, including allowing old hags drool over her half naked body all night. She isn’t afraid to break boundaries and live on the wild side. But what happens when these two people, living two different lives cross paths? What happens when the player tries to save the reckless and the reckless breaks the players game?


Just One Taste by McKenzie Stark

Kaiden Sloane is the most well known CEO of Austen Enterprises. A highly successful and undeniably sexy billionaire that has everything that he could possibly ask for, except one thing. Her. This billionaire bad boy is far more excited to give a women the orgasm of a lifetime, shattering both their worlds than to ever let his heart betray his desire. But when Kaira Hudges walks through the door as the newest Intern, trying to get on with her life with no intent of stacking up any romantic relationships, she manages to shift his whole world upside down. When electricity fares and each others desires begin to peak through, Kaiden is determined to bring all her fantasies to life, wanting to show her what a real man can be like. But can Kaira allow herself to play fire with fire, or will playing such a dangerous game with the devil get her into even more trouble?


Shattered by Charlene Johnson

Beneath the flashing lights and the throbbing beat of the music in an LA night club, Drake Devereaux admits he’s grown tired of his playboy lifestyle and vows to change it. Haunted by a devastating tragedy in his past, he’s never dated a woman he could love. Ebony Jordan lives a mundane life but longs for the hot, steamy nights she writes in her romance novels. She can write happy endings in her stories but never one herself. Drake and Ebony meet by chance and know it is more than a casual fling. Their attraction is immediate and all consuming. They share a passionate kiss and an unforgettable night of sex. When he opens the door to her innermost fantasies, she starts to believe in the impossible. When Drake allows his fears to separate them, Ebony must face the stark reality – happily ever after only happens in fairytales. Solomon Blackwell, a powerful Rogue vampire, sees Ebony and is stunned by her resemblance to the woman he loved and lost decades ago. Ebony rouses his bloodlust and her sexy body sets him on fire. He will stop at nothing to claim her soul. When an unexpected tragedy brings Drake and Ebony back together, Drake is given a second chance. He must to face the consequences of his actions and protect the woman he loves from a dangerous man who has set his sights on her. Will Drake and Ebony’s love survive or will it be shattered by an obsessed vampire who threatens to tear their world apart? In a high rise above the city, Broderick Devereaux holds clandestine meetings to formulate a plan to protect his only son and the woman his son loves from the Rogue vampire he’s pursued unsuccessfully for more than two decades. The same cruel, sadistic vampire who also destroyed his life. Will history repeat itself?


Mermaid’s Kiss by Katie Holland

Kayleigh is starting a new life as the shy college freshman on an athletic scholarship.Tired of being the ‘good little virgin girl,’ Kayleigh wants to explore more than just books in college. Major is just your typical rich kid who’s used to getting what he wants. Always looking for his next hot hookup, he doesn’t expect to be caught up with the new girl on campus. Upon meeting, sparks fly, but not in a good way. Kayleigh thinks he’s a jerk and Major thinks she’s extremely stuck-up. They agree to try to get along so he can teach the girls to surf. Their temporary agreement becomes more permanent when Kayleigh asks for Major’s help with something that’s very embarrassing for her. The sexual tension starts to rise as they get to know each other. Can they become more than friends or will their individual issues get in their way?

Reluctant Witness by Charlene Johnson

New Preorder Release

When a high-profile executive is murdered in his best friend’s hotel, Detective Derrick Holmes is assigned to track down the killer. The sole witness to the murder is a beautiful high-priced escort.

Sonnet Jackson goes to the wrong hotel room and witnesses a shocking murder. She is stunned because she knows the killer. He’s someone from her past she hoped to never see again.

Fearing for her life, she lies during her police interview. Derrick senses it. He needs the lovely, evasive woman to tell him what she knows and is willing to use seduction to solve the case. But would his seduction backfire?

Derrick is so hot he makes Sonnet’s knees weak. He checks every box for her. Every box. But she can’t risk getting close to him and she can’t tell him the truth.

To make matters worse, Derrick has enemies of his own. Enemies who want him dead.

After a bold attempt on his and Sonnet’s lives, Derrick enlists the help of two close friends and someone completely unexpected to protect them.

The countdown to an all-out war looms before them. Will they all survive? Or will time run out?

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Slap Shot by Stephanie Nichole

The Game Changer Series Book 1

Blurb: Rhys Owens is the player to beat when it comes to the ice. He has everything at the tip of his fingers until an injury takes him out for a good portion of the season. After surgery he has to make a comeback, more determined than ever to prove himself while trying to escape his past.

Adair Warren wants to be a hardcore political journalist yet she’s stuck editing and fact-checking at a sports magazine. She’s lucky to have a job but two things: she doesn’t like sports and she despises jocks, then the assignment of a lifetime that could lead to her dream job happens but first she has people to impress with articles about Rhys’ comeback.

With these two skating on thin ice can they both prove themselves and find love or will it all melt?


Yesterday, Once More by Lisa Colodny

The Town Time Forgot Series Book 4

In Book four, the saga rewinds back to Hamilton, Nebraska as the Ennis family struggles for answers for Devon and Chris’ disappearance near the great tree, Idresil. With Thomas Hayden, Jr also missing and presumed dead, the towns people, including his father and Sheriff Callahan, are at a loss to understand their fate.

The search for answers, led by Benjamin Ennis takes many twists and turns as his own life as well as Abby Callahan Middleton’s is in compromise. When history repeats itself and old threats become new again, he calls upon the spirits that reign in the lights to help him ensure the safety of those he loves.

There is a fine line between past, present, and future. As Yesterday, Once More comes full circle, Benjamin battles the evil forces blurring the lines and threatens to destroy not only his future but that of generations that follow. The battle of good versus evil continues in book four of the Town Time Forgot.


Full Throttled by Stephanie Nichole

Drake has been through a lot of changes starting when he left North Carolina to move with his mom to Los Angeles. Drake is now a street racer, Sons of Sin brother, business owner, James boy but most importantly he’s a single father. When Zoey Hechler comes back into his life, it’s just another change, one he thinks will be temporary.

Zoey hasn’t had an easy life. She only had two people to ever count on, her twin brother Zayde and Drake James. Leaving them behind was her biggest regret but when she returns to town she’s determined to mend her burned bridges. When their past and present collide to test their budding relationship, can they hold on to one another through the bumpy ride?