Redeeming Air by Stephanie Nichole

The Coven Queens Series Book 3

Elodie Arison has always been an outcast. During her time as a student at the Academy for supernaturals, she was shunned because of her mother’s dealings with dark magic. Not to mention, the havoc she caused on the world.

Now, Elodie is returning to the Academy as the new air element instructor. She sees it as her chance to redeem herself, until she runs into her former boyfrend, Prescott Tyler,–the guy that broke her heart.

Prescott seems to have changed, but has he? Or, will his secret be their undoing? What happens when Elodie’s mother threatens the world as she knows it?

Wavering Moon by Lisa Colodny

The Coven Queens Series Book 2

Have you ever considered how your life might be if magic was an everyday part of it? What if your heritage included a line of powerful “good” witches who battled demons and the powerful dark knights who threatened to disrupt the balance of power? Although Magna Joubert’s been aware of the White Witches who govern the Coterie, she never really considered she’d one day take her mother’s place as lord and leader.

It wasn’t long after Magna returned home to Louisiana to assume leadership of her mother’s magic school, Waverly Academy and the Coterie that she felt the dark forces encroaching on the academy.

She knew it was simply a matter of time before darkness broke the truce and made a play to control heaven, earth, and everything in between. With the aid of her magical and non magical friends, she’s put to the test to defeat the darkness that threatens her and her legacy.

Wavering Moon is more than a story about defeating evil and restoring the goodness of order. It’s also about destiny and the family ties that bond us together in life as well as in death.

Some things really are forever.

Hunting Briar by Katie Holland

The Coven Queens Series Book 1

Born the most powerful witch in a century, Briar’s power is potentially limitless. With her mother coveting her power, Briar will do anything to stop her mother from using it for her own evil purposes. On Briar’s eighteenth birthday, she manages to escape the coven she was raised in. She spends the next two years on the run, hiding her power, and hoping her mother doesn’t find her.

Mystic Haven, Louisiana was supposed to be just another stop, but she was offered a job at the nearby school for witches and warlocks. Since Waverly Academy placed the security of it’s staff and students as their top priority, she felt safe enough to stay. Briar slowly let her guard down and allowed people into her circle. With the help of her best friend, and new boyfriend, she begins to find out who she really is. But will living as her true self allow her mother to find her and drag her back into the life she wants nothing to do with?

Twin Flames by M. A. Lee

The Raven Boys Series

Ivy Allan left home and never looked back. Ivy believes she has enough distance between her dark past to be able to live as the new Ivy- the girl no one knows. However, when she arrives at college and befriends wild-child Lacy, her journey to a new life is distracted by a Raven Boy.

Jameson Raven only loved one thing; his motorcycle. Being every girls wet dream, Jameson is a legend in the motorcycle club world. Never taking life too seriously, this cocky bad boy didn’t care about anything or anyone other than his clubhouse. But, that all changed the day he met Ivy.

After a chance encounter with Ivy, Jameson finds himself intrigued by the mysterious girl who seems unaffected by his appeal. Only, Jameson won’t take no for an answer when it comes to Ivy.

What begins as a troubled friendship quickly evolves into a wild and steamy romance. With an enemy of the Raven Boys set out to destroy the Raven Clubhouse Jameson and his brothers will stop at nothing to save their clubhouse and their family name. With Ivy’s help, Jameson discovers what is really worth fighting for. And both Jameson and Ivy are willing to get burned in the process of finding love.

Raging Storm by McKenzie Stark

The Raven Boys Series

Sebastian Crow is the proud owner of The River lounge strip club, where they bring a whole new level to stripping. He’s the man that your parents warned you about, the one they said to never let in your heart, let alone your bed.

Cousin to the well known Raven brothers.

He’s every woman’s heartthrob, this hunk is determined to make his strip club number one – loving nothing more than the sight of woman dancing on those poles. This badass, sexy player will rock every woman’s world, banging them any place their hearts desire and pulling them over the edge.

Cheryl Adams is a new stripper at The River lounge , having been homeless for the last two years she’ll do anything to survive, including allowing old hags drool over her half naked body all night. She isn’t afraid to break boundaries and live on the wild side.

But what happens when these two people, living two different lives cross paths? What happens when the player tries to save the reckless and the reckless breaks the players game?

Burning Hearts by M.A. Lee

The Raven Boys Series

Lacy has always been known as the wild-child. With her confidence, sex appeal, and flirty personality, she was loved and adored by everyone who knew her. She never met anyone who challenged her. That is, until she met Drake Raven.

Drake Raven is the oldest of the elusive Raven brothers. Known as the angry, brooding brother, most people were afraid to even approach this bearded biker. Well, everyone except for Lacy.

After the pair are introduced, when Lacy’s best friend Ivy begins dating Jameson Raven, neither can ignore the heat brewing between them. Now, as their relationship evolves into a steamy and sultry affair, the pair believes they can withstand anything that comes their way.

But, this pair may have to test that strength as a new villain emerges. Ready and willing to take down the Raven’s at any cost, someone is out to end the Raven’s for good. Hearts will get burned and loyalty will be tested in this exciting next venture for the Raven Brothers.

Entangled Rivals by Tonya Clark

The Raven Boys Series

Aspen grew up wanting nothing to do with motorcycles, club houses, her father or her brother. But during high school, she finds out that it’s impossible to say no to a Raven brother– her included. After being gone for four years, she ends up walking back into the town she swore she never wanted to set foot in again. Now, graduated from college and in a career she is passionate about and a brother she wants nothing to do with, she has to once again choose between an entangled romance with the guy she has loved since she was a teenager, or leaving him behind once again.

Micah spends his days inking his brother bikers and families of fallen soldiers. Never did he think the girl he allowed to walk away from him four years ago would end up walking into his shop, and back into his life again. Aspen was his secret four years ago, her safety was all that mattered. Now there was no need to hide, and he wasn’t allowing her to walk away from him again, rivalry be damned.

Hell on the Highway by Stephanie Nichole

The Raven Boys Series

Jude is used to doing everything on her own. There are two people that she knows she can rely on, her father and best friend Kai. However, her father’s failing health has her barely managing financially. Between nursing school, medial bill co-pays and everyday life she’s struggling. Her only saving grace is racing. When she gets an inside invite to the elusive Brody Raven drag races she knows she can’t refuse.

Brody Raven is the youngest and wildest of the Raven brothers. They own and operate a local bar as well as the Raven MC. However, Brody loves to drag race and it’s no secret that he runs an illegal drag racing set up behind the bar.

Brody isn’t prepared for Jude and his cocky, undefeated attitude catches up to him behind the wheel of his car. However, losing is the last thing on his mind once he lays eyes on Jude but she has a secret, a big secret, that could completely tear them apart.

The Little Lies by Marie F. Crow

The Great Hexpectations Series Book 1

Harper Buckland always knew she was different. The whole town has never let her forget it. What the town didn’t know, was one day they would come to her, in secret, to explore their deepest regrets. 

Harper has made a living from being a witch. Using her powers over the dead, she brings those who need that one last farewell. Sometimes, though, the dead don’t want to say good-bye again, and sometimes, neither do the living.

When Harper discovers a little girl, Becky Torte, who refuses to stay deceased, she’s called in by the family to figure out why, but are they ready for the truth? Is Harper? Because what she will discover will change their lives forever. 

Sometimes the littlest lies are the biggest weapons.

The Final Word by Will Hallewell

Who can you count on when there’s nothing left? Each other.

In the last series of the Gazore books, the Islanders find themselves on the mainland. Mo Chalmers has driven them away, and now they have to either learn to adapt to the ways of the Mainland or fight their way back home. Just how will they get there? And what of the Verns? Will they be able to stop them, or will Mo Chalmers return to the Mainland and foil their plans?

Just so many things happen in this last book.
There’s fire and there’s illness quite bad.
And what of the sisters, Lilac, Violet, and Rose?
Don’t you think that they’re kinda sad?

The Verns up and left them, but what of it then?
Did you think that they’re gone for good?
Well, one thing’s for sure on the island Gazore,
nothing looks quite as it should.

Join us for one last journey to The Island Gazore where hope is always around the darkest corner and The Power of One is always in our hearts.