Slap Shot by Stephanie Nichole

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The Game Changer Series Book 1

Blurb: Rhys Owens is the player to beat when it comes to the ice. He has everything at the tip of his fingers until an injury takes him out for a good portion of the season. After surgery he has to make a comeback, more determined than ever to prove himself while trying to escape his past.

Adair Warren wants to be a hardcore political journalist yet she’s stuck editing and fact-checking at a sports magazine. She’s lucky to have a job but two things: she doesn’t like sports and she despises jocks, then the assignment of a lifetime that could lead to her dream job happens but first she has people to impress with articles about Rhys’ comeback.

With these two skating on thin ice can they both prove themselves and find love or will it all melt?

Truth by D.S. Tossell

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I am a liar. I am a deceiver. I am a betrayer. My name is Anna, and I am a monster.

Anna’s talents are unquestionable, but more than that, they are specific. Anna was taught to study her target. Learn everything about them, their schedule, what they like to do in their spare time and even the company they kept. Her parents made her who she is today, and when she finally leaves the past behind her, life reminds her it has a way of catching back up to her. Anna has been honest with him, giving him the opportunity to look away, to leave her to her sins, but he has followed her anyway, and so now, Anna must destroy his heart in order to save him.

My name is Alan, and I am a fool. All his life AIan has loved Anna. Her heart has always been guarded, protecting something sacred, but she has finally given him a chance. When everything blows up in their faces, he does the only thing he can. The thing he is best at doing by trying to make the most out of the horrid situation that is put in front of him. Little did he know his heart would receive pain and ache, unlike anything he has ever experienced.

Bound by Fate by Kerri Ann


Being destined for greatness and having a soulmate were fairytale circumstances. It was not real. Pure fiction. Fact-less drivel of unattainable, unrealistic, hopes and dreams. Fairytales weren’t real and Thiea was a realist. What you want only comes to you when you work hard for it.

With her twenties creeping to an end, Thiea wanted her exploits on that final year to be legendary. She’d spent every moment of her life up until then being what was expected. Being exactly what the good sisters of the orphanage expected. A hard-working member of society. So on a night out for her birthday with her one and only friend, nothing was going to get in her way on having that good time. She hoped that good time included a man that would rock her world. Or at least that was the plan. What happened next was something that Thiea never expected.

There was a destined adventure that she couldn’t avoid. It would marvel most fairytales… and that man? She was about to find out that he would be the one person who would test her theories on just about everything. Including her outlook on fairytales.

Thiea was about to gain a crash course on the supernatural thanks to the man with the perfectly chiseled jawline, an enigmatic smile that seemed to cut straight through to her libido, and eyes that were the color of pure amethyst.
Whether she wants it or not, Theia’s about to find out what it means to have a preordained destiny that will change her life forever.

Shame by D.S. Tossell

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Candice has spent her whole life being what she thought everyone wanted her to be. She never got into trouble, never broke a rule, and never asked for anything that she thought her mother couldn’t handle. Everything changes when her mother’s restaurant is burned to the ground and she is kidnapped and dropped at the door of Austin Stone.

Austin only ever needed was his club, his family, and the road. He’s worked hard to take his club legit and they are finally on the right track, but when someone drops off a beaten and frightened woman at the gates of his compound in the middle of the night, his world shifts.

Solitude and Solace: The Words Left Unspoken Poetry Collection by McKenzie Stark

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The Words Left Unspoken Poetry Collection is an embarking poetry book that dives into the world of love, heartbreak, depression, self-love, grief, and inner strength. While showcasing emotions sketched in pose and rhyme; even a twist of fantasy, and words that we all leave unspoken.

The words between the lines were crafted to help you learn how to love yourself. To help you heal your hearts once broken wounds. To help you overcome the pain that consumes you. To help you rise against the darkness and see the light shine through, and to show you that you are not alone; not then, not now, not ever.

McKenzie will take you on a compelling journey of laughter, sadness, loss and hope. Are you willing to take the dive into the unknown?

The James Brothers Series (5 book series) By Stephanie Nichole

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Blurb: From Book 1:

Pedal to the Metal is a fast paced love story about overcoming heartache and learning how to fall in love again. The James Brothers series will follow a family of five brothers living in Los Angeles. The James brothers have a reputation of being the bad boys of the street racing world. Their world revolves around all things cars even owning a car shop. Pedal to the Metal follows the story of Jagger James. Five years ago a tragic accident changed Jagger’s life forever. He ran from L.A. to Las Vegas, leaving his father, four brothers, and former life behind. Now, after his father’s death he’s returning to help his brothers with the family business and his former street racing reputation. On his first night back in town his path crosses with Londynn at the races. She awakens something in him that he hasn’t felt since that fateful night years ago. Londynn Parrish may look like your typical rich girl but she’s far from it. Her entire life has been prepared and handed to her, but all she craves is freedom. Freedom to make her own choices and build her own life. Even if that means leaving behind the life she knows and moving forward with one of the James brothers. Jagger is your typical bad boy with a tortured past and grew up on the wrong side of town. He’s been gone for five years, but he’s back now and neither Londynn or Jagger can deny the pull they feel for one another. Can Jagger let go of his past and create a future with Londynn? Can Londynn let go of the life prepared for her? Londynn has secrets of her own she’s trying to hide, but will Jagger be the one to bring the wall down?

Rescue me by Caleb Pine

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You’ll always be mine.

That was the note that started Reza’s nightmares. Reza thought he was done with his ex’s control, but it seemed it was the complete opposite. Reza hasn’t felt safe being alone until Anya suggests getting her brother, the police officer, to protect him.

Wayne, dealing with his own demons, reluctantly agrees to help protect Reza at the request of his sister. What neither one of these boys expected was the attraction brewing between them.

Wayne feels he doesn’t deserve happiness for a painful accident he caused in his younger years. Reza doesn’t think he is worthy of love because of the history of abuse.

Can these two rescue each other from the dark sides of their souls and show each other how beautiful their love can be?

Beautiful Damned Soul by Kait Rose

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One hundred years ago, a burlesque dancer fell in love with the piano player as they worked together in the circus. One heart was already taken by a tormented magician and the other would only beat for her. They had no idea that their affair would not only cost the lives around them, but also those in the future.

Odette Dupont has lived a pretty average college life in a sorority to dating the hottest quarterback on campus. One warning from a fortune teller at her sorority’s carnival has her life being turned upside down. Past visions, spirits, vampires, witches, and a cat that she truly believes is out to get her are what now surrounds Odette’s life as she tries to make sense of it all.

Oliver Hudson may be lethal, but he is far from evil. For the last one hundred years, he has been tormented by the guilt of having to watch his love die, but now that she is back, he is willing to do anything to keep her. He isn’t one to pray, but he will if it means Odette could see him as more than just the monster he believes himself to be.

Life is full of twists and turns in which Odette and Oliver will soon learn as they race against the clock before the anniversary of when they both died. Will Oliver save her in time? Will Odette ever regain her memories? Will Dog, the cat, ever get his room back? One thing is for sure, life is full of surprises and they are both in for the biggest one.

As Written by Lisa Colodny

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Vietnam was a world away from the rolling hills of rural Kentucky. For Alton, most everything he had ever known or loved could be found among the lush green trees and blue rushing waters of his daddy’s farm. Follow God’s plan, he told himself, over and over again while serving his country. And it was a prevalent theme in his letters home to his family and friends.

As Written is an ageless story of hope, love, and loss told through the eyes of a soldier who wants nothing more than to make his family proud and return safely home as soon as is possible. Coming from a faith-based family, he believes what he writes in his letters home, about fulfilling god’s plan for him and moving forward to the next chapter of life, whatever that happens to be.

As the months pass, he faces death around many corners and his faith is tested time and time again. Although he truly believes his fate is already determined by God’s plan, he would be lying if he denied being afraid. At times, it was the fear that fulfilled his desire to get home safely to his family where they could all live out the rest of their chapters of life as God has written.

Disturbing Secrets by Jennifer A. Brown

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When it comes to chilling stories, not everyone wants their chapters read out loud.

Jacob Barnes has a lot on his plate. Not only has he been left with the task of searching for his alleged son’s missing mother, but he also gets roped into filling in for his sister Jocelyn’s murder mystery weekend at the local hotel.
Things start to fall apart when a scene in the event gets compromised. When a sex doll resembling Jocelyn is found floating in the pool, and she wakes up in another part of the hotel, the murder mystery weekend comes to a halt as more troubles arise. A man shows up at the hotel with a bone to pick with Jacob…and a shocking connection to the mother of his child.

Events escalate, leading to the disappearance of Christopher, Jacob’s son, and Jocelyn. As the search ensues for both, and clues surface to Jocelyn’s whereabouts, Jacob struggles with more harsh truths. Can he find his family before it’s too late?