Pit Stop by Stephanie Nichole


Tillman has done some unthinkable things. His soul is tarnished and stained, but now, he’s here to make things right. Pit Stop is his way to redemption but then the brightest light and biggest temptation shows up. Now, he might just blow everything again…for her. Odette is everything he doesn’t deserve but everything he wants. His dark craves her light.

Odette has seen how ugly the world can be…or at least she thinks so. She has given up on finding the good in people. Then he shows up like a knight in shining armor. He’s so much more than what he sees when he looks in the mirror. Tillman is saving us all one lost soul at a time but he thinks he’s too dark for the world. Odette knows he’s not. She’ll give him her light if he needs it because she needs him.

Warrior of Avalon by Henry Michael Kincaid


Parker Wallace was just a normal man living a mundane life as a low level mall security guard, but after a severe weather phenomenon caused his ride home to be a little more exciting than usual, Parker sacrifices his own life in an effort to save a young woman from a dangling car at the edge of a bridge. When it seemed like his life was coming to an end, he soon discovered that his destiny had greater plans in store for him.

Finding himself on the mystical island of Avalon, Parker learns of a forgotten war between mankind and Hades, the god of the Underworld. With the help of the legendary King Arthur himself, and along with other mythical figures from both Arthurian literature and Greek Mythology, Parker must train to be more than he could have ever believed himself to be. From the beautiful shores of Avalon to a fiery island prison, Parker fights for the lost souls captured by Hades during the early battles of the Dark Ages. Along with his allies, Parker will push the limits of his own courage to battle Hades and his army of Ash demons in an effort to bring about peace in a new age of darkness.

This is the first part of an epic adventure where an ordinary man will become a hero, a hero will become a warrior, and a warrior will become a legend.

Damned by Charlene Johnson


When Archangel Michael discovers a demon pierced the veil into another realm, he assigns his top warrior, Rayven Stone, to retrieve her.

Desiree Black is the fiery haired demon with stunning emerald eyes Rayven can’t resist. And the one thing he never expected to do was to fall in love.

Returning to present day meant protecting Desiree from the cruel demon leader who vows to punish her for disobeying him. What will Rayven have to do to save her?

It’s angel versus demon. Who will emerge the victor?

Cruel Warrior by M.A. Lee


“My freedom has always come at an unforgivable price.”

Solly is the trustworthy, right-hand man to Savannah’s most notorious Mafia Prince. This dark and brooding man isn’t mafia royalty, but his loyalty to them has never been questioned. Until now.

Gia is spoiled, sassy, and stubborn. This mafia princess refuses to play by the rules set forth by her father, and instead, loves to go against her dangerous family every chance she gets.

After Solly is assigned to watch Gia, everything around them combusts into an epic battle of love and hate. With hidden emotions bubbling to the surface, Solly has a difficult decision to make. Should he continue to hide his love for Gia, or risk it all to save her from the life she so desperately attempts to flee from?

Following Gia and keeping her safe isn’t the only problem Solly has to face. Lust and destiny collide in this epic steamy mafia romance novel.

2115 Clearwater Drive by Caleb Pine


Colton didn’t think he would ever go back to 2115 Clearview Drive after his parents ripped him away from there ten years prior, but there he was standing outside the home that brought him so many memories. Colton came back to this town for two things. He wanted to figure out the mystery that surrounded his parents and Niko.

Once Colton found a mysterious note in his parents’ belonging after their death, he knew he needed to go back to Voice Creek to answer all his questions. He just didn’t know if the people of Voice Creek would want to see him. A summer fling with Niko still remained on his heart and wondered if Niko felt the same.

Would Colton find his answers and regain his love with Niko?

In Solitude and Solace by McKenzie Stark


In Solitude and Solace is an embarking poetry book that dives into the world of love, heartbreak, depression, self-love, grief, and inner strength. While showcasing emotions sketched in pose and rhyme; even a twist of fantasy, and words that we all leave unspoken.

The words between the lines were crafted to help you learn how to love yourself. To help you heal your hearts once broken wounds. To help you overcome the pain that consumes you. To help you rise against the darkness and see the light shine through, and to show you that you are not alone; not then, not now, not ever.

McKenzie will take you on a compelling journey of laughter, sadness, loss and hope. Are you willing to take the dive into the unknown?

Genny by Marie F. Crow


Her mother taught her how to survive this new nightmare of a world, but it was her cousin, Helena, who taught her how to live in it. She will need the lessons they both taught her to outlast it.

Genny never thought she would find herself alone. She always counted on someone to be by her side. When a chain of wrong choices resulted in just that, Genny is now living her worst fears, bold, blood-covered, and never ending.

Does she have what it takes to outlast The Risen? Or can one truly never outrun the dead?

Blindsided by Will Hallewell

**New Release **

Danny Esposito and Eddie Banks are two men taking different paths in pursuit of the same goal. When their two worlds literally collide in a vicious hit that leaves one of them unconscious on the ice with a concussion, they are forced to reevaluate their lives as well as their futures.

Taking the same road down different paths, they both discover the world of para hockey and meet the men and women who overcome enormous trials daily for the simple love of the game. Suddenly, their lives are forever changed. Packed with a mixture of humor, drama, love story, and of course action, Blindsided explores the path of reconciliation that the two men must take to reach their new shared goal of recovery.

Glide into the world of Blindsided and experience the love, joy, and healing that hockey can bring.