McKenzie Stark

“It’s not the fear that is exciting, it’s surviving the read” – McKenzie Stark 

McKenzie Stark lives in Northern Utah. She plans to study for Multi-media Journalism, but her biggest passion is writing memorable and heart wrenching novels. She spends her life with her nose inside of her own favorite author novels ranging from Kim Harrison and Anna Todd to Stephan King. McKenzie writes in multiple genres but she thrives to write the perfect romance novel and fantasy in new adults. A lot of her novels have a hidden meaning, some darkness peeks through the cracks but there is always a purpose and message in her novels when you reach the very end. 

When she isn’t creating a story of her own or living her favorite author’s stories, she’s spending time with her family and her border collie, German Shepard mix, Bailey. McKenzie loves to binge-watch all the latest series from TVD, Shadowhunters to the 100. McKenzie has a wishful soul and a compassionate heart for her readers and those around her. McKenzie loves to connect with all of her readers and she can be found at the following links below. 

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