Kerri Ann

Mother of two insanely (well trained) sarcastic men, wife to a dangerously smolder inducing grumble bunny (my fireman), and one of the Three Biotches Professional Margarita Drinking team. Living in Northern Ontario (that place with white stuff), in Canada, by day I can be found biking the trails, snowboarding the hills or paddling on the lake. I work (dayslavery) to annoy customers and coworkers alike, putting a smile or an annoyed sneer on the face of all that I cross. I make sure that my husband has reasons to grow further grey hairs, many more wrinkles, and an opportunity to find the last drop in the bottom of many a drink. I can’t turn down Marvel movies, I love drag racing, loud fueled cars, Starbucks coffee is my nemesis and without it I’d be a raging jerk all day, Football (the UK kind), motocross, knitting — non professional sport of course — and I can get a mean swing-on in a hammock with a Margarita in hand.

Like you, my love of reading came from one simple book. Do I remember what it was, no, but it started me on a path that I’m so glad I’ve travelled. Everyday I find new reasons to write twisted, mind warped stories that take you on fantastical rides. The men and women that grace the pages are possibly someone I’ve seen in real life at a ballgame, on a subway or merely in the coffee line. Be careful because your antics can become something I write about.

I’ll say that it took a few years to find my groove, but I know now that torturing my characters is some of the greatest joys I’ve had in years. Love and loss can be equally heart-wrenching and my stories reflect that. In the pages you can hope for the good guy to win, but it won’t always happen and I won’t promise that, because life doesn’t always have a guaranteed HEA (happily ever after) or HFN (happy for now). Not all love is clean, there is darkness, there is hope, and those little moments where we find our HFN or HEA is where the light skips across our heart to make it beat just that tiny bit faster.

So as you flip the pages in my books, enjoy the OMG’s and tears as you tear your hair out, toss a book or two, because I want you to feel their pain as if it were your own. As they live it, absorb it on the pages. Thank you for reading, thanks for being a friend, and I look forward to meeting you in the future for drinks, danger, and laughs.

The Crashed Series

The Love Series

Standalone Novels

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