Karen DuBose

Karen grew up outside of Chicago with her mom, dad, and two older brothers. Where the weather is cold and bitter for more than 6 months out of the year. Little did she know, she would develop a taste in writing in those cold winter months. Poems at first then short stories. Her love of reading didn’t come until her late twenties when she was introduced to Fantasy and paranormal romance. From there she has been hooked on Fantasy ever since. One of the reasons she loves to write it.

She travels a lot and has finally settled down in a small town in East Tennessee in the mountains. Something about the mountains called to her and still does. She loves to make her own swag and other gifts. She also loves anything to do with the outdoors. Her favorite snack is gummy worms and bears. Her favorite drink is a white monster. She says she is a monster before she has one.

Her family is everything to her, and they support her 100% with her dream to become a well-known author. She is taking it one step at a time and one book at a time. She loves to meet her fans at book signing. To this day she still thinks it’s unreal. Like she is going to wake up, and the dream will be over.

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