Just One Taste by McKenzie Stark

Kaiden Sloane is the most well known CEO of Austen Enterprises. A highly successful and undeniably sexy billionaire that has everything that he could possibly ask for, except one thing. Her. This billionaire bad boy is far more excited to give a women the orgasm of a lifetime, shattering both their worlds than to ever let his heart betray his desire. But when Kaira Hudges walks through the door as the newest Intern, trying to get on with her life with no intent of stacking up any romantic relationships, she manages to shift his whole world upside down. When electricity fares and each others desires begin to peak through, Kaiden is determined to bring all her fantasies to life, wanting to show her what a real man can be like. But can Kaira allow herself to play fire with fire, or will playing such a dangerous game with the devil get her into even more trouble?

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