Reluctant Witness by Charlene Johnson

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When a high-profile executive is murdered in his best friend’s hotel, Detective Derrick Holmes is assigned to track down the killer. The sole witness to the murder is a beautiful high-priced escort.

Sonnet Jackson goes to the wrong hotel room and witnesses a shocking murder. She is stunned because she knows the killer. He’s someone from her past she hoped to never see again.

Fearing for her life, she lies during her police interview. Derrick senses it. He needs the lovely, evasive woman to tell him what she knows and is willing to use seduction to solve the case. But would his seduction backfire?

Derrick is so hot he makes Sonnet’s knees weak. He checks every box for her. Every box. But she can’t risk getting close to him and she can’t tell him the truth.

To make matters worse, Derrick has enemies of his own. Enemies who want him dead.

After a bold attempt on his and Sonnet’s lives, Derrick enlists the help of two close friends and someone completely unexpected to protect them.

The countdown to an all-out war looms before them. Will they all survive? Or will time run out?

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