If, Love by Kerri Ann

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The ring, the rose and the romance. Every girl’s dream.

My name is Cammie Jane. I’m a career waitress at the hottest speak-easy in the San Diego area. I have tattoos, I ride a motorcycle like a boss, and I know what I want out of life. I want someone who makes me feel amazing. He needs to be funny, energetic, outgoing, a total adventurer and loyal. Definitely loyal, and he’ll want a partner that is the same. They too are looking for the love of a lifetime. The soul mate kind of thing.

Every night is the same at our club, men hit on me, I might date one or two of them, but nothing serious ever becomes of it. No one is ever right. Jokingly telling my coworkers that I should just set up my own bachelor type dating game, they agree to help me. Maybe instead of going on a bunch of dates, I could set up one date with a bunch of guys?

Hoping on the newest and hottest dating app there is, with the help of my friends, we each choose a few potential guys. There’s no use in dragging this out, so I’ll meet them all at once and then narrow the field down from the big number to one. I was sure it was going to work, that was until I met them.

Now, I’m not so sure this is that genius idea. I think this is a disaster waiting to happen. Things are going to get messy if I can’t figure out how to choose. Who is the bachelor for me?

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