Bound by Fate by Kerri Ann


Being destined for greatness and having a soulmate were fairytale circumstances. It was not real. Pure fiction. Fact-less drivel of unattainable, unrealistic, hopes and dreams. Fairytales weren’t real and Thiea was a realist. What you want only comes to you when you work hard for it.

With her twenties creeping to an end, Thiea wanted her exploits on that final year to be legendary. She’d spent every moment of her life up until then being what was expected. Being exactly what the good sisters of the orphanage expected. A hard-working member of society. So on a night out for her birthday with her one and only friend, nothing was going to get in her way on having that good time. She hoped that good time included a man that would rock her world. Or at least that was the plan. What happened next was something that Thiea never expected.

There was a destined adventure that she couldn’t avoid. It would marvel most fairytales… and that man? She was about to find out that he would be the one person who would test her theories on just about everything. Including her outlook on fairytales.

Thiea was about to gain a crash course on the supernatural thanks to the man with the perfectly chiseled jawline, an enigmatic smile that seemed to cut straight through to her libido, and eyes that were the color of pure amethyst.
Whether she wants it or not, Theia’s about to find out what it means to have a preordained destiny that will change her life forever.

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