Beautiful Damned Soul by Kait Rose

New Release

One hundred years ago, a burlesque dancer fell in love with the piano player as they worked together in the circus. One heart was already taken by a tormented magician and the other would only beat for her. They had no idea that their affair would not only cost the lives around them, but also those in the future.

Odette Dupont has lived a pretty average college life in a sorority to dating the hottest quarterback on campus. One warning from a fortune teller at her sorority’s carnival has her life being turned upside down. Past visions, spirits, vampires, witches, and a cat that she truly believes is out to get her are what now surrounds Odette’s life as she tries to make sense of it all.

Oliver Hudson may be lethal, but he is far from evil. For the last one hundred years, he has been tormented by the guilt of having to watch his love die, but now that she is back, he is willing to do anything to keep her. He isn’t one to pray, but he will if it means Odette could see him as more than just the monster he believes himself to be.

Life is full of twists and turns in which Odette and Oliver will soon learn as they race against the clock before the anniversary of when they both died. Will Oliver save her in time? Will Odette ever regain her memories? Will Dog, the cat, ever get his room back? One thing is for sure, life is full of surprises and they are both in for the biggest one.

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