Take Your Heart by Kalila Black

New Release^

The for Better or Worse Series book 1

Sixteen-year-old Grayson Desrosiers has never really given much thought to ‘happy ever after’. He always assumed that would come later in life. But when he meets Annalise Evans, a tourist visiting his small hometown, he can’t help but want more than just one day with her. And soon, he begins to suspect that he’ll never get enough when it comes to Anna.

Annalise Evans may be young, but she knows her heart, and her heart tells her from the moment they meet that there’s something special about Grayson. The more they talk, the more certain she becomes. She believes with all her heart that fate brought her to Gray, her perfect love. It isn’t long before he rules her heart.

But fate’s timing is just a little off. Gray is ready for more than just the innocence of first love. He doesn’t want to pressure Anna, but his only other choice is to let her go and hope she still loves him when the time is right.

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