Cheap Guitars by Mara A. Miller

New Cover!!!

Elise Abernathy knew she made a mistake the moment she said I do to the wrong man. Yet, she did it anyway, willing to use any excuse possible to escape Bourbonsville. And maybe to get away from Brandon Justice, too.

She left with nothing more than her new husband, Brandon’s old guitar, and a promise to never set foot in her small Kentucky hometown ever again.

Now, devastation from her divorce nips at her heels in a dingy Bourbonsville motel. Worse, she’s too mortified to face any of her family or friends, unwilling to admit she is now home with little money and fewer career options.

Brandon tried everything he could to forget the woman who trampled his heart when she married another man. He has a heartbroken sister and his niece to look after, as well as a business to run. The last thing he expects is for Elise to burst into his neighbor’s house, demanding a first aid kit and the same crap attitude that caused their fight all those years ago.

But Elise is home, and that’s all that matters…If Brandon could get her to slow down long enough to have a civilized conversation with him.

How often do two people have to get it right?

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