Mistress Domination: The Rise of Princess Prude by Shawna Hunter

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Kate and Penelope seem like your average odd couple roommates. Kate is an ad-posting coder, who’s a little too free spirited. Penelope is an uptight Christian blogger, out to stem the tide of depravity infesting their city. Not much to see here, until you catch Kate sneaking out at night.

As Mistress Domination, Kate may be the only person in the world with genuine superpowers. Specifically, the ability to manifest sex toys (a delightfully broad definition) from thought into reality, and control them. With a trick like that up her sleeve, how could she not punish crime? Okay, maybe there were other hobbies she could have tried, but what else could be this fun? It’s hard for that mugger to get away with your purse, when he’s suddenly got a buttplug to pull out.

Penelope, not knowing Kate’s secret, isn’t happy to share a city with such a pervy superhero. In fact, she’s out to unmask the heroine. A frightening endeavor, but at least she has Kate to comfort her. Even if Kate would rather be doing far more. Oh, but Penelope isn’t defenseless either. In fact, she may just have a secret power of her own.

Will the two remain friends? Will their secrets destroy them? Or will all this naughty night time adventure lead them to see each other in a whole new light? Well, it’s an erotic tale, so you can be sure that it won’t just be the gloves that come off, when Mistress Domination takes on Princess Prude.

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