Don’t Belong Here by Jessica Wettig Hendrix

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At sixteen, Brie Darnet was always considered the good girl.
With temptation around every corner, she has managed to hold tightly to her morals even in high school. Life was perfect until…it wasn’t anymore.

When tragedy struck, Brie lost her older sister and was struck with grief. Brie suddenly finds herself the target of bullying as her friends begin falling down a dangerous path of drugs and alcohol, Bre struggles with the betrayal from her friends and boyfriend, while also dealing with the loss of her sister.

As life becomes too much to handle, Brie finds herself at the brink of destruction. Only one thing can save her, but it’s the last thing she would have expected. Will she end her pain and her life? Will Brie be able to overcome the obstacles in her life?

Find out in this emotional and gripping story today.

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