Aiming for You by M. A. Lee

Blair grew up living a life of luxury in Sunnyvale, California. As the daughter of the mayor, she never had a worry or care in the world. Well, that was until now.
Aiden left his abusive home life behind and set out for the Army when he was only eighteen-years-old. Never looking back, he made a name for himself as one of the best shooters and fighters around. However, after a career-ending injury, Aiden found himself working as security to the mayor of Sunnyvale. Life was finally working out for Aiden as he stepped into a calm and peaceful role. Or, so he thought.
Now, Blair is in danger and Aiden is faced with a task unlike any he has ever faced before.
Fighting their growing feelings is tough enough when they have to see one another daily, but it is almost impossible when Blair has to live with Aiden as she is sent into protective custody. As sparks fly and loyalties are tested, Aiden and Blair must find a way to stay safe while protecting their hearts.

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