Acceptance by Karen Dubose & Katie Holland

The Dark Angels show no signs of stopping as the quest to find the remaining Quira continues.

Meet Mya. With her feisty attitude and blue hair, she lives life her way until a stranger walks into her bar. He’s rude and antagonizing, but she can’t stop thinking about him. Soon Mya gets caught up in the dangerous world of the Dark Angels. Can the Quira find and save her in time?

Meet Adley. A shy intern at a law office who wants to change the world. Her tragic past colors her view of life and makes it hard to for her to trust. When she’s thrown into the world of the Quira, she’s excited to see what she can do, but can’t seem to open her heart to her fellow Quira. Can Adley overcome her past and allow herself to really be part of the team?

Follow Mya and Adley as they navigate the world of angels and discover what they’re made of.

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