Autumn Leaves and Pumpkins Please by Stephanie Nichole


Capri Owens sticks out like a sore thumb in Blue Ridge. A newbie in town with an artsy flare, crazy colored hair and over the top makeup makes her an easy target for small town gossip. She’s the girl who looks for control where she can find it because she feels like she has no control over anything. Running from one place to the next, searching for something she’s sure she’ll never find. Staying in Blue Ridge wasn’t her plan but Jayse could change all of that.

Jayse Lyon was this small towns golden boy once upon a time. Now, he feels like the towns charity case. His emotionally cut off from everyone after a tragic event left him scarred both physically and emotionally. Jayse puts on a good show but Capri is the one to truly test him.

Will they be able to ignore the invisible thread that seems to keep them connected or will they burn in the flames of the autumn sky?

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