Warrior of Avalon by Henry Michael Kincaid


Parker Wallace was just a normal man living a mundane life as a low level mall security guard, but after a severe weather phenomenon caused his ride home to be a little more exciting than usual, Parker sacrifices his own life in an effort to save a young woman from a dangling car at the edge of a bridge. When it seemed like his life was coming to an end, he soon discovered that his destiny had greater plans in store for him.

Finding himself on the mystical island of Avalon, Parker learns of a forgotten war between mankind and Hades, the god of the Underworld. With the help of the legendary King Arthur himself, and along with other mythical figures from both Arthurian literature and Greek Mythology, Parker must train to be more than he could have ever believed himself to be. From the beautiful shores of Avalon to a fiery island prison, Parker fights for the lost souls captured by Hades during the early battles of the Dark Ages. Along with his allies, Parker will push the limits of his own courage to battle Hades and his army of Ash demons in an effort to bring about peace in a new age of darkness.

This is the first part of an epic adventure where an ordinary man will become a hero, a hero will become a warrior, and a warrior will become a legend.

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