Cruel Warrior by M.A. Lee


“My freedom has always come at an unforgivable price.”

Solly is the trustworthy, right-hand man to Savannah’s most notorious Mafia Prince. This dark and brooding man isn’t mafia royalty, but his loyalty to them has never been questioned. Until now.

Gia is spoiled, sassy, and stubborn. This mafia princess refuses to play by the rules set forth by her father, and instead, loves to go against her dangerous family every chance she gets.

After Solly is assigned to watch Gia, everything around them combusts into an epic battle of love and hate. With hidden emotions bubbling to the surface, Solly has a difficult decision to make. Should he continue to hide his love for Gia, or risk it all to save her from the life she so desperately attempts to flee from?

Following Gia and keeping her safe isn’t the only problem Solly has to face. Lust and destiny collide in this epic steamy mafia romance novel.

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