The Evil Inside by Vanessa Stephens

The Evil Inside is a gripping story about Lita, a seven-year-old who endures horrifying physical, emotional and sexual abuse at the hands of her mother’s boyfriend. While her childhood was riddled with trauma, she found herself being betrayed by the very people who should have protected her from the evil of the world.  

After being rescued by her biological father, Lita thought her life was finally going to get better, but the damage of her past had already been done. Unable to escape the trauma from her sadistic step-father, Lita is haunted by her past and finds herself on a very dark and destructive path. On the brink of suicide, Lita is lost and unable to see the good in a world filled with evil. Will she ever find happiness? Or, will she continue living her horrific past? 

Don’t miss this gripping story with every turn of the page.

**Trigger Warning: There are scenes in this book that involves sexual assault and abuse. The details may be hard to read for some.

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